Sir Tom Moore (1920 – 2021): A Quintessential Humanist

Sir Tom Moore

 By Olufunke Cole

A life devoted to others within the enclave of a hugely and handsomely built up sacrifice cannot be underestimated in any historical record. A generous life does not only affect lives positively, but, build up imperishable monuments within that environment. It is not surprising that the death of Capt Sir Tom Moore, at the ripe age of 100 years, sent a cold shiver down the spines of millions of people all over Europe and the rest of the world because of that singular act of charities and charitable courses.

Merely reading through his biography and social antecedents provides a clue to his unblemished pedigree and untainted personality whose life revolves round an incredibly description of conglomerate of awesomeness. Living a life of fulfilment does not imply one’s desire to accumulate wealth and possessions, but, a desire to fulfilling the dreams of others. Without mincing words, Sir Tom Moore lived to accrue entitlement to lives of others by making an impactful and doting impressions on them. It is not within bias to appropriate crude indignity to helpless fellows whose constant plea for help assumes spontaneous evidence.

Accordingly, someone’s successes are not measured by his opulence and affluence, but, by lives who have been struck and influenced by the effects of both logarithmic devices. This act of kindness and compassion was exemplified in the life of a man whose service to humanity cut across age, grade and race. Despite his age, he intensified efforts at providing a succour to a ravaged world by raising almost £33 million in the twilight of his life for walking laps of his garden. This was an undauntingly great feat unreservedly of a daring figure whose aim conquered his weakness. This is a rare genuine display of love and inspiration in a world consumed in discrimination, bigotry and hatred. The life and times of this hero depicted arrays of hope and positive force. Any wonder why he was loved and admired by millions of people?

A background check of his meritorious service in the army was responsible for the award bestowed on him on his 100th birthday, a honorary colonel. A native of Keighley in West Yorkshire proved beyond doubt his love for humanity through his distinctive contribution to the Army with whom he served during his hey day. Hence, his death was described as fatal and regrettable. This provides a retrospection into what makes a man which is not measured in the strength he is capable of welding, but, the weakening that he is able to strengthen. Unapologetically, affluence and opulence don’t define kindness and generosity, but, hearts with whom affection is connected and perforated. Some lives are irrelevantly opionated because they could not be charitably connected.

That incredible singular act of his birthday walk for the NHS earned him numerous congratulatory messages, awards and accolades amidst high calibre of people including the Queen at Windsor Castle. Without blinkering, he has left an indelible footprint on the sand of time. His display of generosity, albeit his age. A centenarian age well-spent remains the real class act and indelible mark on our consciences.