Much Ado About Silhouette

Olufunke Cole

By Olufunke Cole

I was taken aback when I first read on the Facebook about a challenge demanding the nudity of humans displaced carelessly on the social media through an app known as silhouette, even, if the word does not literally depict the shade and angle of nudity that our brothers and sisters have succumbed to. Initially, I thought it was all about the paparazzi of listening to amorous blues music type of lyrics until I saw what belittled me as a woman. It is not that it is not within any human’s right to display whatever pleases him/her. But, it is for a fact that our cultural values were thrown away recklessly and caution was thrown to the wind without caring a hoot, while forgetting to take into consideration the cultural pattern of our society, values and environment.

The fact is, that some men displayed nudity under the guise of a red bulb was not alarming to my conscience because of the patriarchal style of our society. But, it baffles and saddens me that ladies could partake in this unholy, disgusting contest. Of course, fun seeking is not deliberately a complete arrant adventure, that it involves the show of lack of conscious and absolute total disregard for “womanity” and womanhood. Yes, our fundamental rights concedes to the fact that we owe the right to our bodies, but, is it applicable to African society where women cannot conveniently discuss sex and sexuality?

I am not unaware of the backlash and disdain expressed by many when I picked up courage to revolve probably life’s experience on sexual post. And I am quite sure that some individuals saw me as being prurient because of the lurid details of the write-up. But, I defied all the odds against an established mentality to do what I do because I am conscious of an intellectual effort and intention put into it. Take for example, a man could conveniently narrate a sexual expression of a girlfriend while women cannot. It is what it is, truly, and we are yet to assume that status of total freedom either to lifestyles and sexual obligation. I have had an experience with someone whose husband drove her out of the house because she insisted on different s*x styles to derive pleasure during intercourse with him. The said husband felt diminished that his wife could demand for such. I was part of the “rescue team”, that deliberated on the feud. That I was astonished is an understatement.

What type of marital subjugation can we call that scenario? I was devastated to watch how ladies displayed their oddities with reckless abandon.

The worst part is that, today’s recklessness determines tomorrow’s misfortune. That you are beautifully shaped with a jaw-dropping curve does not invest in you laissez-faire neglect of mental ability. Besides, our society does not value explicit freedom for women whether we agree or not. This societal value of ours will always bruise the ego of a woman irrespective of status. It is simply a dimensional irregularity, take it or leave it.

Criosity or adventure will actually lead some individuals astray and usher them into an unforgettable bottomless pit of calamity. Unfortunately, a software app has been identified to unlock all dark curves under the displeasure of Red light. Anyway, Xrated xxvideos company await patronages to pacify societal rejection of either the illicit images of individuals involved. Whatever the case may be, this will serve as a deterrent to young ones whose undaunted audacity into the world of adventurous curiosity remains indelible. Isn’t it advisable to leave a pattern that doesn’t define us to individuals that it works in their best interest. Although, every lady has a right to her body, but, our cultural ideology will put a restraint on such excesses. There are so many situations that spell uniquely for men, whereas, it becomes unusual when it falls on the table of women. Our society is distinctively and discriminatorily  constructed to favour every actions of men, because of our patriarchal system.

Anyway, may we not be unfortunate in a world of unseen futilities.

-Olufunke Cole is a Doctoral student, Department of History, University of Lagos