Power is Transient …..POTUS 45 Exits

Donald Trump

By Adegbenro Adebanjo

The crowd will continue to thin out progressively and the protection and immunity will also ebb. He can no longer get away with his vituperations without due recompense.
For POTUS 45, Donald J Trump , the end has come to what many would describe as the most turbulent era in contemporary American Politics.
Trump redefined the the White House in his own image. He threw finesse out of its window from Day 1 and embraced a combative style that divided the Homeland and riled Allies . He fought everybody , the media , members of his party , his opponents, foreign Allies and members of his cabinet. He mouths profanities with reckless abandon and pushes his warped alternative truth and facts with such gusto that beggars belief.
He desecrated almost all Institutions and almost succeeded in destroying the very foundation of American Democracy: its celebrated Electoral System and Peaceful Transition of power. He called the Election of his successor fraudulent and called out his ‘army’ to disrupt the certification process, an act described as insurrection and a coup by many. He failed in his bid to upturn the defeat he suffered at the polls by using foul means and he attracted the sanction of the legislature. He was impeached for the second time becoming the only American president to suffer such ignominy twice in a single term.
He remained inscrutable to the end. He refused to congratulate Joe Biden and since Trump did not make the AirForce One available, POTUS 46 had to travel from Delaware to Washington DC for his inauguration on a private plane . All the traditions and extant rules Governing transition were thrown overboard by Trump.
He leaves behind a deeply divided and militarized country engendered by his warlike rhetorics . He emboldened despots around the world as he acted like one.
Not that he did not do any good. But those will pale into insignificance due to the humongous disruptions and divisions caused by his unusual and graceless rule . He was self centered and catered to his own interests at the expense of the larger public good. Trump’s crass ineptitude and burlesque style of governance played out in the tragedy that played out in the COVID-19 saga . He downplayed the unfolding tragedy and many Americans lost their life. He was too beholding to Russia as if the Kremlin had a hold on him. He couldn’t bring himself to criticize let alone confront Russia and its excesses. Trump reduced America and its standing at home and abroad. He’s the De-Marketer in Chief .
History the chronicler of the acts of men and women , both small and great , would the final say on the man who almost turned the highest office in the world to a mere reality show.
Like all tenants in the corridor of power , Trump’s tenancy has expired . Another has taken his position.
This is a lesson for the men and women in the corridor of power : Your Tenancy will end one day.

-Adegbenro Adebanjo, journalist, public relations professional, writes from Akure