Dangote as Prisoner of his Fabled Decency

Bea Lewis and Dangote.jpg

By Ena Ofugara

These women releasing videos of them and Dangote… The only reason it is news is that Paparazzis and the news have not established Dangote as a MAN that he is and his desire for multiple women like most men, especially wealthy ones

MKO Abiola would have smiled and said he had her and her friend or mother.

MKO Abiola

Hugh Hefner had all three young women in his mansion

Ned Nwoko has five wives. Just married a pretty young girl and is openly cheating on her.

Jeff Bezos has not cared that he was sleeping with his mistress even before she was divorced from her husband

Hugh Hefner

Dangote is Muslim, and Northern. Anyone who does not know these men not only have a religious RIGHT to multiple women, but that their wives go along with them to marry their concubines is not knowledgeable.

I do not see why a straight man would be a billionaire and he cannot fulfil every fantasy of the flesh and spirit. So what is the millions for then?

Damn! Like Wyclef? I would have mud and water and a ring and watch pretty women fight wrestlemania inside the portorportor every Friday night, while I smoke my SHISHA or ….. and drink Lafitte Rochschild.
I will be wearing pure white dashiki, and white palm sandals while all the women will be undressed and covered in mud.

Ned Nwoko

Whoever is surprised by the videos and pictures of Dangote and women, knowing Dangote is even a bachelor and knowing he is Muslim and knowing he is an Alhaji that usually likes “yarinya” just wants to enjoy the news.

Jeff Bezos

The scandal would be that Dangote would be sleeping with small BOYS or something eccentric. The women are not even married and it is a scandal.

So it is multiple women like most normal poor men sef? Mtchew!

Dangote is a prisoner of his fabled decency. You should see me with half his money on my yacht and the “things” you will see me with.

-Ena Ofugara writes from the US.