The secret to our stable marriage – Nollywood actress, Gloria Young



By Nehru Odeh

Not many gave Nollywood star actress, Gloria Young’s marital life a chance. Her marriage to fellow actor, Norbert Young, generated a lot of hoopla at the time given the short lifespan of Nollywood marriages. But 18 years on, not only is her marriage waxing strong but is the envy of many.

Gloria, who shot into limelight by playing Doris in the movie Glamour Girls, has hinged her stable marriage on friendship, her husband’s sense of humour and maturity as well as understanding and her playfulness. According to her though their marriage is not devoid of arguments, they always find a way around them and resolve their differences. “We disagree to agree,” she put it succinctly.

The Nollywood actress and mother of three, who shared a kiss with her husband on  her 50th birthday,  made these claims on Wednesday in an interview with presenters of Wake Up Nigeria, a breakfast show on TVC.

“I think it is because we are friends. We go through the quarrel gamut. We go through it all. In fact we enjoy the quarrel. We enjoy arguing and even if we can’t find something, we always look for something to argue.

“But there is one or two things we always agree on, that is how we feel about certain things.  We even agree to disagree most times, just for peace. You hear something like,  My wife is a witch, don’t try her o.

“I guess he also has a lot to do with it. Of course he is much older than I am. But he understands. Because of his maturity and my playfulness. I guess that works. And then he always make me laugh. That is something that works. You know those little things that people don’t seem to understand

“You are in a marriage and as a female you have your role to play. You must play your role. And as the male, you must play your role. And then you must complement each other. And that is how it’s been working for us,” she maintained.