Gen Olu Irefin, We Will Miss You

Major General Irefin

By Tunde Ipinmisho

The news of your demise came like a bolt. We never really met while you were here with us. We only knew each other by reputation. We had met on a Whatshapp group of friends of a mutual friend which I coordinated to raise support for him when he was befallen by grievous calamities.

God helped us beyond our expectation and it ended in praise. I guess you and many others in the group were impressed by the way God, by His spirit, steered the group. Your delight found full expression when you were preparing for the final burial of your late Mum. Apart from the soft copy of the invitation card that you posted to me online, you sent two hard copies of the card through different channels.

I was to leave Abuja for Aiyetoro-Gbedde on November 25 in order to be able to spend some time with my friend ahead of your event on November 28. We had concluded our departure plans with the person I was to travel with.

However, I woke up at about 5:30 am on that day with a strong impression in my spirit to not travel. So, I immediately sent a message to the other party calling off the trip. He thought I would be okay if he shifted the journey by one day but I was firm in telling him I would no longer go on the trip.

I looked forward to meeting you and I knew how much you wanted to see me at the event.

To say am pained by your sudden exit would be an understatement but you have bowed out in a hail of glory like the meteorite that you were.

Someday, we will meet on the other shore across the river, where there will be no illness, death or dying.

Good night, Major General Olu Irefin. You are among our best and brightest. We will surely miss you.

Tunde Ipinmisho, former Editor of Sunday Times, writes from Abuja