Lagos-Ibadan rail: Now, see the revised ticket rates

Lagos-Ibadan rail: Now, see the revised ticket rates

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 7:51 am

Lagos Ibadan rail service’s revised fare

The Nigeria Railway Corporation Manager, Mr Jerry Oche, issued a statement in Lagos on 7 December. This has put to rest the acrimonious comments on the Lagos/Ibadan  train fares which critics argued were not friendly to the pockets of poor Nigerians.

In his words:

“The newly introduced standard gauge trains have finally come to fruition as the service is run using newly acquired coaches and locomotives.

“This service is fast, convenient, safe, and relatively cheap. There is an option for everyone as the tickets are available in Economy to First Class rates.

“The journey time from Lagos to Ibadan is two and half hours which makes more sense going by recent reports of traffic that have characterised Lagos-Ibadan road due to ongoing road construction along that axis.”

Oche said the train services in Lagos would be experiencing new dawn and encouraged Nigerians to, according to a NAN report, embrace the new service.

He added: “The standard gauge railway from Lagos – Abeokuta and Ibadan zone 1-2 are; Lagos to Ibadan 24 seated fare is N6,000, 56 seated fare- N5,000, 68 seated fare – N3, 500, while the 88 seated fare is N2,500.

From Lagos to Abeokuta, Zone 1 only, 24 seated buses cost N4,500, 56 seated buses cost N3,500, 68 seated N3,000 while the 88 seated railway cost N2,000.

The Zone 11 of the Standard gauge railway from Abeokuta to Ibadan, 24 seated buses cost N2,000, 56 seated cost N1,500, 68 seated while the 88 seated spaces cost N600.”

More photos of the trains (exteriors and interiors):


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