Trump’s hope of reelection fades as Biden leads vote count in Pennsylvania

Biden and Trump

The hope of a second term for President Donald Trump is slipping away as Joe Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania with 98 per cent of the ballots counted.

Biden leads Trump by 5,594 votes, according to AP data. According to NPR, If Biden wins the Pennyslavia, its 20 electoral votes will push him past the threshold 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency and assume office as the 46th president of the United States.

Even if he lost Pennsylvania, Biden can still win, but winning Pennsylvania is crucial for Trump to be reelected.

Trump was leading in Pennsylvania until his edge began to fade away early Friday.

Biden’s support has been bolstered by high Democratic turnout in Philadelphia, for example, as well as in the suburbs.

Both Trump and Biden spent significant time campaigning in Pennsylvania, underscoring its importance in this election.

Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 by just over 44,000 votes.