Photo/Irony: Trump Builds Iron Mesh Wall to Protect White House

    Trump lives “behind bars”. Photo: nickconfessore


Fearing some form of backlash from the 3 November Election, a wall ( Iron mesh) , ostensibly on the prompting of POTUS Donald Trump , was hurriedly built to protect the White House and its occupants from the angst of protesters. That is, should the result of the election become contentious, Adegbenro Adebanjo wrote.

Biden and Trump

Why it is ironic is that, the same Trump who threatened to build a wall to prevent people from Mexico and other countries from entering the US, has build a metal wall. In other words, he is now like a beast in a zoo!

In recent days, there have been reports of violence and blockade of major highways in the US, vices that Trump would have waved off as being peculiar   to “shithole countries.”