Minister visits injured youth in hospital, reassures of reforms

The minister, Mr. Sunday Dare, with one of the injured in the hospital


… resolves with Makinde for youth development 

Youth and Sports Development Minister Mr Sunday Dare  visited some youth  who were injured during the recent endsars protests in Lagos where  he promised that their protests are being  adequately adressed  by the Federal Government. 

During a visit to the General Hospital in Victoria  Island, Lagos , Mr. Dare said”  We sympathize  with all those thay got injured during the protests  and commiserate  with those that lost  loved  ones . We believe  the struggle  is not in vain.Government   appreciates your right  to protest  legitimately which is part of our democratic  process. I feel your pains and Government  is committed  to addressing  all the issues raised by the protesters.  While some have been  adressed, others are being  looked into. But the Ministry  of Youth and Sports Development has twenty-five  initiatives  that adress  the  needs of the Youth. We shall explore  all avenues to engage  our youth constructively. Your voices  have been  heard”

He further said ” There are on going refoms which would be deep and intensive .  Government  has a seat for the youth at the negotiating  table. The youth must move away from the street and come to the negotiating table.



Minister,  Makinde  unite for Youth Development 


LR – Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare, handing over document plan for Youth Development to Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, during a courtesy visit to Ogodi, Ibadan on Monday.

 Minister  of Youth  and Sports Development Mr. Sunday Dare and Oyo State Governor  Engineer  Seyi Makinde have  resolved to set   aside their political  affiliations  in odrer to bring development  to the youth and Oyo state in General. 

Speaking  during a  courtesy visit to the  Governor in Ibadan on Monday, Mr. Dare said ” The President  is  profoundly committed  to the  pursuit  of youth development  programmes. We have 25 youth  development  programmes in the Ministry  of Youth and Sports Development. We need the youth because they are the ones that can pull the trigger.  Mr. President  knows that the Governors must be carried along, hence his directive that Ministers  should go back to their States to secure the support of the  youth. you  have an onerous  task and i commend what you are doing.  Although  parties may differ, but we have a common goal to develop our state.

In his response, Makinde  said ” Our meeting  is a demonstration of how the endsars protests has further  united us. We need to develop  the tourism potentials  of our state and the country, but if they destroy  Lagos it will affect everything  we want to do. Whatever happens in Lagos   which is the commercial  nerve centre affects the entire country.  Politics is temporary, it must not divide us. When it is time for politics, we would play politics. Only God gives power .We must come together  for now to develop  our state.  We are together  in this until  2022. Some people see politics as do or die , but may soon find themselves  in the same party.  people would come and go, so politics should not be skin deep.

The Minister  presented all available programmes  to  the Governor  and how the youth  can benefit.


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