Situation report: Lagos getting cleaned up, peace returning


LAWMA officials at work


1. Apapa -Area calm, soldiers and Navy on patrol.

2. Yaba – No issue, police at strategic places

3. McCarty- Area is calm

4. Surulere- No issue, OP Mesa condoned off the area.

5. Opebi- No movement but Soldiers and police on patrol.

6. Ogba- No movement but soldiers are on patrol.

7 lekki- Area is calm for now, soldiers and police are patrolling the vicinity.

8. Ikota- Area is calm for now, the hoodlums have all disappeared.

9. Victoria Island: Soldiers are stationed at IMB junction and Eko Hotel gate

10. Ozumba- no issue, soldiers are patrolling.

11. Ajah axis uneasy calm with large pockets of youths here and there.  Pockets of Soldiers/police seen close to the bridge.

12. Ado/Badore. Uneasy calm. Pockets of groups seen around Badore Uturn. 

13. A/Adesanya  free with pockets of crowd seen around Sangotedo also around junc of the Golf Estate in Lakowe. No soldiers/ police seen around but area calm.

So far the road looks clear. Just dirts and burnt tires etc on the road. Some stones and sticks. Road is movable. 

Lekki 1 gate is blocked by the soldiers. 

Ikoyi is fine and seems nothing happened there. 

Vi and has a lot of military presence but no issues. 

All are friendly army and police guys. 

The lekki 1 toll gate looks like a full team barrack with many agencies there. 

The toll booth was burnt but you can pass. 

Hoodlums are not on the road anymore and seems 70% safe for now. 

Chevron to vI, Ikoyi, oniru and inside lekki 1 seems pretty good for now. 

Stay safe again, 

Courtesy: Discovery Travels

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  • This war should be Ended, Killing of innocent people is much we all need peace in our lives please I beg of you people... This war should be Ended please Everyone