Thank You Chief Afe Babalola

Aare Afe Babalola, SAN, top and Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, bottom


By Babafemi Ojudu

My job takes me around Nigeria quite a lot.  And It does expose me to many people. Each time I am introduced as being of Ekiti origin it is common  for people to tell me ‘oh my son schools in Afe Babalola University’; ‘my daughter just graduated from Afe Babalola University’; ‘I just returned from your state where I went to see my ward at Afe Babalola University. ‘

Afe Babalola University

Each time I am told this , whether in Bayelsa, Gombe, Taraba , Ebonyi, Katsina or Ogun my eyes always lit up in joy. I am always happy to hear that my kinsman has done something remarkable, something that is giving joy to Nigerians across the country.

At a time when most Federal universities established to bring together young people of diverse background are recoiling into their ethnic cocoon both in admission and staffing, private universities such as Afe Babalola are helping in molding our young ones into truly seeing themselves as Nigerians.

Babafemi Ojudu

A big thank you to Aba”fe , as we call him in our local Ekiti dialect,  for,  at the twilight of his life,  establishing this legacy of excellence . As he inches close to a 100 years in age may God grant him many more years to further nurture this beautiful gift of his to our country. 

Wo seun Aba.

By Sen Babafemi Ojudu is Special Adviser on Political Matters at the Presidency