Nigeria at 60: Jonathan is doing his duty

Former President Goodluck Jonathan, left, Muhammadu Buhari, sitting, and others at the Independence Day event

By Ena Ofugara

Many people are angry Jonathan went for today’s Independence Day celebration, as Buhari has continuously berated past leaders, even when he is one. She points to Obasanjo’s absence and even the absence of Buhari when others led. While I understand May’s position, maturity and my personal philosophy has me thinking a bit differently than May Ubeku. The philosophy is “DO YOUR DUTY”

We can make excuses and give reasons why we take certain actions or inactions. The point to always remember is, away from the noise, “what is my duty”? and then answer “I must do my duty”

Ena Ofugara

If we ask this question, many of us will give money to parents who did not care for us as it is the duty of the child to care for his aging parents. It will help us do our job even with wicked bosses. It will help us pay child support even when the baby mama just gave you a slap in front of your friends. It will help you pay tax even when the economyis bad. It will help you PAY TITHE even when the pastor is driving a Maybach and has a sidechick.

Most of the reasons we give for not doing our duty are excuses and when we stand before God on Judgement Day (for us who believe in an after-life) the things we were supposed to do and did not do are what is placed before us. Even before judgement day, in our careers and school, our tasks and duties have to be done and few bosses and lecturers care to listen to excuses.

“I did not read because the teacher is bad” “I did not give insulin because I had too much patients and I was not paid last week” and for Jonathan “I did not offer my help and support to Nigeria because Buhari insulted me and he did not help me when I was president and he a former president”

My point? It is the duty of ex leaders to continue to support administrations after theirs. They are on the payroll of the government, are guarded by military officers paid by government, and are even in top advisory committees recognized by the laws of the land. Buhari’s failure to DO HIS DUTY and attend meetings and events is on Buhari. He knows he cannot justify collecting salaries and cars, while never attending the meetings. whatever he has to say about not attending are EXCUSES.

Jonathan Goodluck is beloved till date for his personality. He will do his job, love or hate him for it.

If there were more people like Jonathan, the world would be kinder.

Happy Independence Day!