@BBNaija exposes the hypocrisy of many Nigerians

@BBNaija exposes the hypocrisy of many Nigerians

Monday, September 28, 2020 7:06 am



By Angela Agoawike

Many declared @BBNaija as the most immoral programme on PAYTv (empasis on pay is mine). They declared they can never watch #BBN citing the kissing and other stuff that happen which they keep awake to watch, as fellow adults in the house lie in their beds. 

Angela Agoawike

The same people are now busy hailing and praising the winner @itsLayCon @LayCon. Now watch as @LayCon and others become the face of high profile brands and events around the country, a country so raped by the so called ruling elites that the youths graduate into opportunities for gainful employment being closed to them. 

Also, watch as red carpet receptions are held in their honour. 

The ululation and fawning over the success of Lekan is a further demonstration that for this group of Nigerians, it’s all about success and not how you made it.

Congrats @itsLayCon. It’s a lucky break for you; savour your victory and plan your future. Without that money in the future, a society like ours that worship money will look down on you again.

-Angela Agoawike is a Nigeria journalist who later moved into diplomacy. She has worked with OPEC in Vienna, Austria and other places

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