BBNaija: Why Ozo was evicted

By Nehru Odeh

Ozo and Trikytee are the latest housemates to be evicted from BBNaija Lockdown Season 5. Their eviction not only signaled the beginning of the end of the reality show, it left only five finalists  to compete for the N85 million prize money. The finalists are: Nengi, Laycon, Dorathy, Neo and Vee. This means the finalists have equal chances of winning the show.

Though Ozo’s eviction may have come as a surprise to his fans, many who have been following the show saw it coming. To them, his eviction was just a matter of time. They knew that with the way he was going he would definitely shoot himself in the foot.

Ozo never left anyone in doubt that he wasn’t in the house for the money but rather he was there for love. Little wonder he spent quality time he would have used to network and gain more fans with Nengi, who was more focused and knows why she is in the house in the first place. Even when Nengi told him last night that his love for her was stupid, Ozo was undeterred. Rather than spending time chasing money first before looking for love, Ozo chased love first before looking for money. And if care is not taken, he may end up losing the two.

Ozo’s stay in the house will go down in the history of the BBNaija reality show as one of the most exciting, dramatic and yet tragic what with the unabashed manner he went about professing his love for for Nengi, no matter what people thought about it.

There was a man who had all the chance of winning this year’s show but flunked it because he couldn’t put his emotions in check. There was a man who  had every opportunity to make history but threw it away because he wasn’t focused. There was a man who fritter his time away instead of using it to network wisely and gain social capital.

Not only did the gods gifted him with handsome features, physique and charisma, they also gifted him with the prize money if only he was more focused and determined. Sadly, Qzo was not ready to put on the armour of a soldier. Rather he three his chances away.

No doubt he  was crazily in love with Nengi. Still, his heart had the better part of him rather than his head.  Many believe he left his guard open, which exposed his weaknesses rather than strengths. Not only were  they, including his fans,  embarrassed by his continually hanging around Nengi, they felt he went too far and by so doing threw caution to the winds. That is not the trademark of a winner.

Some may say at least he won a car. However, a car is not on the same level with N85 million

Here are lessons to learn from Ozo’s eviction.

  1. Be focused – The time Ozo spent showering his love and focussing his attention on Nengi showed he wasn’t focused at all. And that was his undoing.



  1. An unexamined life is not worth living, so says Socrates – Ozo paid deaf ears to entreaties that he softpedal and make a U-turn. But he went ahead with his game.



  1. Leaders are role models – Ozo’s actions In the house, the unabashed manner he went about professing his love for Nengi, showed he wasn’t a leader. A leader should show love with a sense of dignity and selflessness. The winner of the realty show must lead by example, a trait Ozo never betrayed.



  1. Be exemplary – Ozo’s actions weren’t exemplary at all. The way he carried himself in the house wasn’t the stuff leaders are made off.



  1. Spend more time networking – in a reality show like BBNaija, one should spend more time networking, rather than putting one’s eggs in a basket. Ozo took his fellow housemates for granted. And that turned around to hurt him.



  1. Don’t outshine your colleagues – Ozo left no one in doubt that he was the star of tBBNaija Lockdown. Little wonder he believed Nengji was meant for him, even though the Bayelsa State-born model and beauty queen wasn’t ready to commit herself.



  1. Have a sense of purpose – Throughout the time he spent in the house, Ozo never showed he had a sense of purpose. That was why rather be focussed and spent time pursuing his dreams, he spent his time chasing his dream girl.



  1. Spend more time creating territories rather than losing them – Ozo never spent his time creating territories, rather he lost them by failing to spend time with his colleagues and network.


  1. It is not over until it is over – Ozo himself showed he wasn’t interested in winning the show by the way he stubbornly went about looking for love. You can’t serve both God and Mammon, the Scriptures say.