BBNaija Eviction: Why Lucy was not Lucky


Lucy: evicted

By Nehru Odeh

She is Lucy but was not so lucky. However if she had the power she would have loved to be lucky and, by so doing, prevent her eviction.  Aside from Erica who was disqualified for consistently breaking house rules, Lucy was the only housemate that was evicted on Sunday, out of six housemates that were put up for eviction

However that did not come as a surprise to herself and teeming viewers of the BBNaija Lockdown Season 5.  The reasons are not far-fetched.  There was even a time she wanted to leave the house.  Her stay was characterized by so many fights and arguments with fellow housemates such as Nengi, Erica, Neo, Dorathy and Prince

Not only did those fights alienate her from her fellow housemates and their teeming fans, they weren’t good for her brand. It seems she destroyed her brand herself. In a reality show like BBnaija, one needs to maintain one’s brand and built on it in order to survive.  One needs to up one’s ante and swag in order to survive. But Lucy never did that.

Lucy became so alienated that she wanted to leave the house by all means, though she later changed her mind, as according to her, she needed money to rent another apartment in Lagos mainland since her landlady had given her quit notice. That was the beginning of her eviction.

Here are nine lessons to learn from Lucy’s eviction

  1. Never engage in unnecessary arguments – Throughout her stay in the house, Lucy was engaged in many heated arguments. Those arguments alienated her from her fellow housemates.


  1. Never create unnecessary enemies – Lucy created enemies both imaginary and real. She believed the only friend she had was Ka3na. So when she needed the support of her housemates and their teeming fans she did not get it.


  1. Create enduring networks – BBNaija is about networking and survival. Because there would always be a time when one needs networking not just to survive but also be saved from eviction. There have been cases of fans of evicted housemates switching their support, allegiance and votes over to housemates they feel are close to, or friendly with, their idols.


  1. Never lose interest and enthusiasm – There was a time Lucy lost interest in competing in the house and wanted to leave. That was not good for her as it further alienated her from other housemates.


  1. Never say never – Never say it is over until you win. The day Lucy decided to leave the house was the day she evicted herself. She had evicted herself even before she was eventually evicted on Sunday.


  1. Build your fan base – Lucy never built her fan base either on social media or in real life. And that later came back to hurt her.


  1. Never take fans and viewers for granted – Lucy took fans and viewers of BBNaija for granted, and that is the worst thing any housemate can do to them. Viewers are no fools. They watch your body movements and listen to your utterances and stories. At the end of the day, viewers are the ones who decide the fate of housemates.


  1. Never listen to your critical voice – Throughout the period Lucy was in the house, she was always listening to her critical voice, which told her that her fellow housemates never liked her and that she wasn’t good enough. That critical voice worked against her until she was evicted.


  1. Always be diplomatic – Lucy was never diplomatic and never watched her utterances and actions. Some things she said and actions she took were not necessary. She was always emotional. She often complained about her fellow housemates and paid Kiddwaya in his own coin because he didn’t want her to be in the same group with him.