Bianca mourns Igbo killed in Enugu, as IPOB threatens retaliation

Bianca Ojukwu

By Nehru Odeh

Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu, wife of the late Igbo leader, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, has taken to Facebook to mourn members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, killed by security operatives on Sunday 23 August 2020.

She also posted a candle light for the dead alongside the statement entitled #Igbo Lives matter.  She started by quoting her late husband:

”Arms or bullets alone can no longer destroy us….

We shall continue to fight to preserve our inalienable right to exist and live free in our ancestral homelands… we believe that God, Humanity and History are on our side…and that the Biafran Revolution is indestructible and eternal..”

Bianca then appealed to every Igbo man not to “shrug this tragedy off as If it doesn’t concern him because every Igbo man’s death in circumstances such as this diminishes us , and diminishes our race because we are ALL involved in mankind.

“Tomorrow you could be caught in a crossfire in a situation as this…in Igboland for that matter, whether you are pro Biafran or not…. Therefore, do not send to ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for us all.

“May the souls of all those who lost their lives during the Pro Biafra bloody incident yesterday find Peace in the Lord. Amen,” the statement reads.

On 23 August, 2020 security operatives clashed with members of IPOB at Emene, in Enugu. According to the police, four people were killed in that clash while five others were arrested. However the DSS has said it lost five of their personnel in that clash

But IPOB has come out to deny the police report. According to IPOB, 21 of their members were killed and forty-five arrested in what they regard as a bloody massacre.

A statement by its spokesman, Emma Powerful said: “The Nigerian government and her security agencies have once again exhibited another crude round of killing and massacre against the peaceful and unarmed IPOB family members in Enugu State, today 23rd of August, 2020.

“We are surprised how Nigerian security agencies would allow their officers in their respective formations like army, police and DSS to be slaughtering our people without any provocation.

“This rampant killing of innocent members of IPOB will be reciprocated in due cause. IPOB members have been slaughtered and arrested in their numbers across different locations in Enugu State today, Sunday 23rd August, 2020. “We must warn and put the whole world on notice that Nigerian Government and her security operatives should stop killing our people because we are peaceful organization with the mandate of restoring Biafra sovereignty within shortest period.

“Today, the Nigerian security personnel stormed IPOB meeting ground in Enugu and started shooting sporadically which consumed lives of 21 members and 47 arrested for just no cause or provocation.

“It is unfortunate that security operatives murdered innocent members and carried their lifeless bodies to unknown locations. The security in the whole world must understand that keeping quiet and following the rule of law should not be construed as weakness on the part of IPOB.

“IPOB is a well rooted movement committed fully on the pursuit for Biafra freedom and independence from Nigeria. We are not a violent group and there is nothing they can do to change our resolve to maintain peace and order in our land. The efforts of the Nigeria Government and her partners in crime in trying to push IPOB to change their tactics will amount to vanity.

“We are warning and asking Nigeria government and her security operatives to stop this atrocity immediately. Why have they refused to confront herdsmen, Boko Haram terrorists, Ansaru group, bandits, ISIS and other groups ravaging the country and busy killing innocent and unarmed citizens of IPOB?

“Those responsible for this barbaric killing in Enugu today must pay for their actions against IPOB at the appropriate time. It is laughable for DSS to be claiming that they lost 5 personnel in the hands of unarmed and peaceful people. It is clear to all that IPOB doesn’t indulge or carry arm or involve with any object. IPOB is a peaceful movement and we must remain so till Biafra is totally achieved”.