Harrowing tales as Police parade criminal suspects in Ogun

Adejoke Adeleye, Abeokuta

It was harrowing tales of horror, tragedy  and wanton wickedness as some of the 38 suspects paraded by the Ogun State Police Command on Monday recounted their involvements in the various crime accusations they were accused of.

The suspects arrested in different areas of Ogun State between July and August were paraded by the  Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Edward Ajogun, alongside assorted charms, locally made double barrel pistols, live cartridges among others were recovered from them.

One of the suspects paraded was one Pastor Ebenezer Ajigbotoluwa who allegedly impregnated two sisters and defrauded their mother of the sum N2 million in the process of conducting ‘spiritual healing’ for her.

But speaking with journalists during the parade, Pastor Ajigbotoluwa   agreed that he impregnated one of the sisters and was legally married to her with the consent of her parents.

He claimed that he was possessed by ‘evil spirits’ to have agreed to marry the sister.

But Ajigbotoluwa is begging for forgiveness, pledging that  he would embark on prison evangelism if he gets forgiveness from the public.

He also called on Nigerians to desist from condemning religious leaders, as according to him, they are also faced with temptations from the devil.

He said, “I say apology to God Almighty for finding myself in this position, if I knew it would happen, I wouldn’t have agreed to marry the sister.

“Then, for the people who have been giving different kind of reactions, there are clergymen who are saints. I was like that before so, people should not condemn the House of God, they should not condemn the work of God.

“I am crying because of God, because the name of God should not be put to shame, especially when you’re talking of white garment church, likewise Pentecostal church of God.

Yes, we read the same Bible, for my own sake, nobody should desert them or abuse them or molest them or say that there is no minister of God or say that there is no God or say that they will not worship God, No. I am a sinner, somebody else might not be.

“God knows the time I came to earth and the time I will go back, but if God gives me the favour and time to talk , if he gives me the grace as he gave David the grace to continue ministerial assignment. There is no man of God that Satan will not hunt except the person that his own time has not come.


“If I can have favour from God and from Nigerians, and from the government, it is my promise that I will turn a new life and I will be preaching to prisoners. I will be going to cells to preach them, that is the kind of ministry I want to establish, to change people, if God can give me the grace.

Another suspect, Otemolu Ridwan, 29, was arrested for killing a man during an argument.

Ridwan told our correspondent that he was driving to his cousin’s place at Sagamu on the day of the last Sallah celebration and he got to a place where there is bump and was forced to slow down and unfortunately hit a woman’s car.

He added that he and the woman engaged in arguments which led to blockage of the road, leading to the intervention of another motorist,  Olatunde Sumonu.

He added that after much argument, he was persuaded to apologize to the woman and the woman left.

But he used his hands to hit the cars of  Sunmonu.

He added that Sunmonu got angry and came out with knife to tear his hand and face on seeing blood on his body, he (Ridwan) went into his car and brought out a  wood to hit him.

Sunmonu later died in the hospital three days after the incident.

Also paraded were two motorcycle snatchers who use energy drinks to snatch motorcycle from owners around Owode-Egbado area of the state.

The duo arewho spare parts dealer from Nnewi,  Anambra State, Chidi Umeh and  Obinna Onyebuchi were arrested and a stolen motorcycle was recovered from them.

It was learnt that their mode of operation is to stop a motorcycle, asks the rider to take them to short distance destination with an offer of irresistible high fare.

On the way, they would redirect the motorcyclist to a bar where they would pretend to be waiting for a business associate.

In the process they would buy a drink for themselves, and while drinking they would stand-up and go to an obscure corner, and come back later with a drugged energy Sokki drink; offer it to the motorcyclist and cheerfully convinced him to drink it.

The victim would immediately fall into sleep, and that would give them the opportunity to make away with the motorcycle.

Two victims of the suspects who  identified them, claimed to have slept for two weeks each before regaining their consciousness after taking the drink..

Their latest victim is on the second week of sleeping in a hospital, according to the Police.

Items recovered from them are: One bajaj motorcycle and two bottles of sokki energy drink.

Other suspects paraded include alleged rapists, high way robbers and land grabbers among others.