Group unveils plan for new reality show for Nigerian youths

Dr. Oluwatosin

An educational focused group, Scholarship Aid Initiative, has revealed plans to organize a television reality show that will showcase and encourage Nigerian youths to use their genius and brilliance for productive ventures instead of internet fraud and other crimes.

The group revealed this during a press conference addressed by  Dr Adebayo Oluwatosin, its African  Regional President recently.

Dr Oluwatosin lamented that many Nigerian youths now  see involvement in criminal activities as the only way to become successful in the society, hence their engagement in internet scam, money rituals, kidnapping and so many other crimes.

He also opined that the society does not promote education or encourage students who are diligent in their studies, noting that this is the reason a first class student or even the best graduating student of a university will be given #10,000 to #50,000 as prizes or even, a handshake, while some participants of a reality show programme that does not add any informative,  education or moral value are rewarded with millions of naira and other benefits.

“We are all aware of one of the present reality television show in which some prominent Nigerians have started criticizing the event due to the way it is being organised. Though we are not here to criticize any, rather we are here to look for a way forward in which the prospective programme or reality show will bring joy to the mind of Nigerians and also make all the youth to see a better reality in education.

“Moreso, as a sure way to become successful role model, achiever and valuable persons in the society, home or abroad”.

“However, we are planning to set up an annual programme, a television reality show in Nigeria which shall be called ” The Rising Genius “.

“The show will aim at giving hope to the youth for better tomorrow, to motivate them in order for them to make education a priority. It is also to change people’s negative perspective towards television shows.”

“It is also to make youths gain more knowledge academically, morally, socially, religiously, and economically,” he said

He added that other modalities for the programme will be released when all necessary logistics have been put in places.