BBNaija: Why Eric was evicted

BBNaija: Why Eric was evicted

Monday, August 10, 2020 7:52 am


By Nehru Odeh

Eric and Tochi are the latest housemates to be evicted from BBNaija Season 5. They were evicted on Sunday 9 August, 2020. However while Tochi was arguably “silent” in the house, Eric’s eviction didn’t come as a surprise to many.

Eric’s eviction was the result of the hangover he had with Lilo. Both were accidents waiting to happen. And no sooner had Lilo been evicted than Eric’s days were numbered.

Here are nine lessons to learn from Eric’s eviction.


  1. Don’t get distracted or else you will pay for it – Eric was distracted by Lilo. Both were distracted by each other. And before Eric knew it it was too late.


  1. Never insulate yourself from your colleagues – Eric never had time for his colleagues. He was too all over Lilo and he paid for it. While both of them were in the house , they never related with the other housemates.  They kept to themselves.  And when you don’t relate with others, not only will you be estranged from them, a time will come when you will need their support but you won’t get it. They will gang up against you. They will punish you.


  1. Never take people for granted – While Lilo was in the house both of them took the housemates for granted. The housemates never forgave them for taking them (the housemates) for granted. They only bided time to pay them in their own coin. They made sure Lilo was evicted first, after which they dealt with Eric.


  1. Look for a partner who is focused, as iron sharpens iron, they say – Both Eric and Lilo were distracted by each other. They never gave each other space. They lost focus, stumbled and fell.


  1. When you are in a relationship, be wise. Don’t be head over heels in love – Eric once confessed that Lilo made him look stupid.


  1. You have to know why you are in a place, or the purpose for a thing, or else you abuse it – Eric never knew why he was in the house. That was why he and Lilo gravitated to each other as soon as they entered the house and lost touch with why they were there in the first place. They put the cart before the horse. They never had time to interact with others and make social capital.


  1. Once you miss a step it is difficult to retrace it- Eric missed his steps with Lilo and when he realized it it was too late. He wanted to worm his way back into the hearts of his colleagues after Lilo’s exit but couldn’t.


  1. Forget the past and face the future – Even though Eric tried to put up a bold face after Lilo’s exit, he never really recovered from that hangover with Lilo. He was still living in the past, still wanting to meet Lilo. He hoped to meet Lilo by the time he leaves the house. He once said he would look for her after the show.


  1. One needs to care about the feelings of others. They will never forget if you don’t – While Lilo was in the house, Eric never cared about the feelings of the other housemates. He and Lilo were fawning over each other and never cared about their housemates’ feelings.


And they both paid for it.

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