Verbatim: How Ironsi, Fajuyi Were Killed 54 Years Ago-Njoku


Ironsi, left, and Fajuyi

“It was a march to Calvary. The beating continued. They came to a small running stream. The Supreme Commander had waded across but Lt-Col. Francis Fajuyi could not; he fell down in his attempt to get across, and was shot there. A firing squad was already in position by the time they reached there. It must be recalled that when the Supremo invited the Company Sergeant Majors of 4th Battalion to his Supreme Headquarters for a talk, they were led by this Sergeant Major who now led the firing squad… The Sergeant Major gave the final execution orders and his Supreme Commander and Head of State was brought down with a burst of machine gun fire. It was about 10.30 a.m. So ended two brave heroes of Nigeria.”


– H.M. Njoku: A Tragedy Without Heroes – The Nigeria-Biafra War. Posted by Uzor Maxim Uzoatu (FB), July 2019