Management Changes at Topmarké Attorneys LLP, Canada

Johnson Babalola, left, Akin Reju, top right and Oluwakemi Oduwole, bottom right

Topmarké Attorneys LLP, Toronto Canada, has announced the appointment of Johnson Babalola, the hitherto managing partner of the firm, as the firm’s new Group Managing Partner (GMP). Johnson will oversee the various arms of the firm’s businesses worldwide.

According to a statement by Kemi Oduwole, the firm’s new Managing Partner who took over from Johnson Babalola: “The promotion of Johnson to this new role is important at this stage when law firms are becoming competitive internationally. He brings over 30 years of sound legal, business and relationship experience to the table. He is well respected for his legal acumen, business relationship skills and client interest focus. He will lead our business development team henceforth and ensure we continue to provide first class legal assistance to our clients”.

Johnson had, until this new appointment, been the firm’s Managing Partner overseeing the growth of the firm from a small office in Toronto to multiple offices in Canada and Nigeria. Johnson’s primary areas of legal focus encompass all aspects of Canadian immigration law and management training. Highly respected by his clients, colleagues and staff, Johnson had been a sole practitioner and a partner in a previous law firm before coming together with two other lawyers to start Topmarké Attorneys LLP in 2016. He is well recognized for his mentorship of young and internationally trained lawyers and is currently working on a regular mentorship platform for young and foreign trained lawyers. An advocate for diversity rights and inclusion, Johnson is on the board of Women Focus Canada and other non-profit and business organizations. He is also a Board member of the Canadian Association of Nigerian Lawyers. Johnson writes regularly on social issues.

Johnson holds a degree in law, certificates in Mining law, immigration law and counseling. He is a member of the Ontario (Canada) and Nigerian Bars. He is also a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD).

Another appointment by the firm was that of Oluwakemi (Kemi) Oduwole who is now appointed as the Managing Partner of the firm’s Canadian office.

According to the statement issued by Topmarké Attorneys, “With over 20 years’ legal prowess specializing in immigration law, family law, mental health law and legal education, Oluwakemi Oduwole has been a partner in the firm since the inception of the firm in 2016. Kemi is reputed for her leadership, teaching and mentorship skills (especially of young lawyers) and ability to navigate difficult and sensitive legal matters.”

Fluent in English, Pidgin English and Yoruba, Kemi holds a degree in Law and two master’s degrees in law. She is working on her third master’s degree. Kemi also holds a certificate in Higher Education and she has been called to the bars of Nigeria and Ontario (Canada).

Lastly, is the appointment of Akinwumi (Akin) Reju who is now a Senior Partner of the firm. Akin, according to the update release, will continue to oversee the firm’s Nigerian office and develop other international markets for the firm.

The statement states further: “We are very happy for Akin’s new role. He has always been an asset to the firm and continues to strengthen the legal development of the firm in Canada and Nigeria. We have been lucky to have him as one of the three founding partners of the firm. His legal knowledge and focus on solving clients’ legal issues through modern technology is unparalleled. His presence at the world stage is much needed at this time of global business relationships between law firms”.

Notable, Akin brings over 31 year’s wealth of legal experience as a transactional lawyer who worked with multiple teams in technology and business development as an international business lawyer; having worked in Canada and multiple countries in Africa under World Bank assisted privatisation projects. Akin’s areas of specialization are business law, real estate, franchise law, business immigration and technology law.

Akin holds a degree in law, certifications in different areas of law including mining law, IP Rights and he is a member of several professional organizations. Akin is a lawyer in good standing in Ontario (Canada) and Nigeria.

The firm congratulates the three, wishing them the best of luck in their new roles

Topmarké Attorneys LLP is a law firm that provides legal services to Canadian and international clients. The firm has offices in Toronto and Brampton in Canada as well as Lagos, Nigeria.