Lagos murder: 23 facts about Ndukwe and fiancée, Olamide

Ndukwe and Olamide


   By Nehru Odeh

Chris Ndukwe (39) brutally murdered his fiancée, Olamide Alli (25) in his Ilasan, Lagos residence on Sunday, 21 June 2020 and committed suicide. Here are 23 facts about the couple and the murder.

  1. Olamide Alli and Chris Ndukwe dated for seven years.
  2. They had two children, who were boys aged seven and three years old.
  3. Alter dating each other for seven years and having two kids, Olamide’s parents asked the couple to tie the knot. The wedding was fixed for next month
  4. Ndukwe asked his wife to come visiting on Saturday, a day before he killed her.
  5. The lady who accompanied Olamide to Ndukwe’s house was her nanny and not   her sister as earlier reported.
  6. It has been alleged that neighbours saw the couple jogging a day before the gruesome murder
  7. Ndukwe committed that gruesome murder and killed himself on Father’s Day, 21 June 2020
  8. Ndukwe is a serial killer and has a history of gender violence. He had once tried to kill his ex by throwing her down a two storey building in Port Harcourt but the lady survived and her family relocated her to Canada.
  9. Their relationship has been described as complicated, as the couples were on and off over the years.
  10. Ndukwe lived at Victory Point Estate Ilasan, while Olamide lived at Ogba with her parents.
  11. Olamide’s family say the man moved into his Ilasan, Lagos residence three weeks before the incident as he was planning to settle down with her.
  12. Olamide has been described as a young, pleasant and hardworking lady who recently won a grant from a law firm and was passionate about educating and guiding teenage girls through her non-governmental organization, Pearl Academy Nigeria.
  13. The man who bought the tape Ndukwe used in covering Olamide’s mouth was his security guard.
  14. .He sent the security man to get the tape.
  15. When he asked Olamide to come join him in the room, he was almost downing a bottle of Hennessy XO. He then put on a loud music, tied her to a chair and taped her mouth
  16. He used a plier to remove her braids one after the other, then he plucked her eyes, stabbed her 11 times with two knives before she died, he then drank two bottles of sniper and killed himself.
  17. The blood-stained knives were seen on the scene of the incident.
  18. The nanny came knocking on the door but there was no response she went to call on their neighbor who called the estate security they came in and called no response either. Then they later invited Mobile police in the estate who broke the door and saw the horrible sight.
  19. The murder was premeditated as Olamide’s legs and hands were bound and her mouth shut with a cellotape. The husband used a clipper to pluck out her dreads, stabbed her head, her eyes, stabbed her multiple times with two knives that were seen on the scene of the incident.
  20. According to the Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Police Command, DSP Bala Elkana,  Ndukwe and Olamide  were found dead at the former’s residence, Road 5, House 16A, Victory Point Estate, Ilasan, Lagos, after a tip-off to officers of Ilasan police station.
  21. Elkanah also said, “Two blood-stained kitchen knives, two empty bottles of the poisonous substances, three empty cans of Red Bull energy drink and a plier were recovered from the scene.
  22. It has been alleged that the reason Ndukwe killed his fiancée was that he doubted the paternity of the second child after they had done a DNA test to get Canadian visas, But Olamide’s parents have come out to debunk it, saying that Olamide never had a child outside the relationship. According to them the children’s paternity is not in doubt as they both resemble their dad.
  23. To set the records straight, Olamide’s parents are conducting a DNA test to prove the paternity of the child.