Open Letter To Nigerian Government on Closure of Churches

Timi Orokoya Telemi

By Timi Orokoya Telemi

Your Excellency, The president of the Federal republic of Nigeria, President Mohammed Buhari, please allow the church and other worship centres to regather in order to serve God the way they love, understand and the way they know God appreciates. Everyone or religion has a way of worshiping God apart from individual closet worships. The Bible tells us we must not reject the gathering or assembly of brethren. You have tried your best, allow us to call on our God and stop negotiating our stand with our Creator with all these strange and difficult conditions.

You can only raise physical weapons against physical enemies, Covid 19 is mostly a spiritual battle, God does not need all the billion naira to cast out COVID any figure. And the Lord told Jehoshaphat in 2 Chr. 20: “For the battle is of the Lord. Let His oracle assemble and worship Him.”

Let’s gather to proof our God in an atmosphere of true worship. When Elijah was to proof his God before King Ahab and all the children of Israel in 1Kings 18:20-39…he repaired the altar and demanded the way the altar be set before he could speak or minister. Leave the church to it Your Excellency. Daniel said in Dan. 3. 3:16&17.. our God is able to deliver us. Allow the church to gather for just 7 days to proof the supremacy of the Sovereign and living God. God is still in the business of answering prayers. It is not by power nor by might but by my spirit says the Lord.

The more you lock down the places of worship the more you prolong evil.  Your Excellency, if you know how much are involved in winning a soul in terms of money, time and other resources, you will let the churches reopen. Some of the infants and babies in faith in terms of souls have gone back to where we picked them (backslide.) How do we get them back?.

You are more concerned about the economy of the country than the spiritual strength. If God does not build the house the laborers build in vain and if He does not watch over the city the watch men are just awake in vain. The church is the mouthpiece and embassy of God, don’t dictate to us or be too strict about these conditions for reopening the church. Don’t force us to serve God under duress. You are actually making the church a strange land for us and how can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land. Can any economy survive without God. It is when we worship the Lord that then earth will yield its increase, Ps. 67.

Which church can be as rowdy and indecent as some of the markets you have reopened? We must eat yes, I agree, but can man live by bread alone? Don’t underrate the power of our God. Allow the church to gather and cry unto God against these urgly situations in Nigeria.

Nigerian Army is well equipped at least with some of the best amunitions in the world, yet Boko Haram, armed robbery, hired assassins and other deadly crimes have not left us. Stop talking low about the church, enough of down playing the places of worship. You make things worse if you continue to play the role of the boss to the church, no government gets away with it. God does not joke with His church because He knows the importance of their roles to the kingdom.

Your Excellency, don’t wait until situations get out of hands, how many churches do you want to seal, remember you are still coming back to these churches during elections period. Your Excellency, we appreciate all efforts so far and we cannot over emphasise your roles in this battle but we plead you allow church to reopen. The church has place in nation building, not to compete with you but to compliment your efforts.

No matter the assessments or judgements of anyone about the church, the church of God is matching on and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it. God of creation will deliver our dear country Nigeria from every affliction in the name of Jesus. Thanks

-Timi Orokoya Telemi is a Pastor and Gospel Musician