Big Loss As Three Ekiti Patriots Take Their Bow

Evangelist Bamidele Olumilua, left; Sir Remi Omotoso, top right and Chief Boboye Olanipekun

By  Babafemi Ojudu

Last week we lost three Ekiti patriots. They were gentlemen who served our people and defended her interests without asking for anything in return.

Evangelist Bamidele Olumilua, a quintessential diplomat, businessman and politician took a bow after 80 years of living graciously. He was clean and lived a dignified life. He was just as he was committed to truth and justice. No matter what the consequences may be Papa would speak his mind firmly and with a tone of finality . You could not dissuade him with lucre.

Sir Remi Omotoso was an administrator per excellence , an organiser, an ever ready man to give a helping hand. He is a man who took delight in teaching us pure Ekiti dialect of the Yoruba language. He left us without warning after clocking 75. We shall forever remember him for his duties in Odua Group of Companies as MD for many years. He diligently lead Ekiti Parapo Association in Lagos for several years and took his time at every monthly meeting to teach us Ekiti values. ‘Ranti omo eni ti iwo nse’, – remember the child of who you are was always his refrain. He made several efforts to make sure that people of Ekiti have interest in agriculture and enterprise, sometimes making his resources available to start collective ventures. He served Ekiti till his last days as he led a Committee of Covid- 19, set up by the state government.

Chief Boboye Olanipekun, my Ado Ekiti townsman who unfortunately I never met also passed on during the week at 76. His reputation towers like Ayoba hill. He was an administrator in NAFCON, the government owned fertilizer company in Port Harcourt that has now been privatized . He served meritoriously in this organisation for many years and through him and his accommodating spirit many of our folks found their way to seek the greener pasture in that garden city . I am told you only need to leave Ekiti, arrive PH and proceed to his office and announce your being from Ekiti and he would provide you accommodation and a means of livelihood. He retired home some years ago to found a polytechnic for the training of young and aspiring technologists and engineers.

We commiserate with members of their families and hold them forth as the pride of our people. They, in their different callings, served diligently, upheld the Ekiti ethos and shall forever be remembered for being true Ekiti sons.

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