How Jesus arrested me the second time – Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie

How Jesus arrested me the second time – Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie

Saturday, June 6, 2020 6:00 pm

Angela Okorie

By Nehru Odeh

She is indeed inimitable. She started life in the church. She later became a model. Then she went a notch higher in the world and became a popular Nollywood actress playing major roles in blockbuster movies. However her breakthrough came via the movie, Holy Serpent.

Still, this actress considered one of the most beautiful in Nollywood, has had another breakthrough, and that has made her holier than the Holy Serpent, the movie via which she had had her first breakthrough.

Welcome to Angela Okorie, the Ebonyi State-born actress who was born again the second time when God rescued her from the hands of assassins who had sprayed several pellets on her at her Lekki, Lagos residence last year.

And not only did she survive the attack she has taken to Instagram to preach the good news and conduct live worship sessions. She is also singing for the Lord and is set to release a song and an EP containing nine tracks.

Singing? Certainly.The multiple award-winning actress known for her apt interpretation of roles disclose this recently in an interview via Skype with presenters of WakeUp Nigeria, a breakfast show on TVC.

“I started life in the church, where I grew up before I started doing all that acting, modeling and all that stuff. I have always been singing. So my music is all about that,

“I am about to release an EP though. But I’m releasing a song before the EP. The EP is going to have about nine tracks. From what you have listened to already you could tell what is going to be in my EP. You know as someone who started as a soloist in the church you should expect the best from me,” she said.

Then why did she decide to go back to singing having made so much social and economic capital from acting? “I didn’t know I was going to get to a point whereby I would start singing. But it just came all of a sudden. And I just had to start doing my own songs,” she explained

Asked how she gets her inspiration, Okorie said: “The inspiration comes from what is happening around me and around the world, I wrote the first song that I actually released when I was in SS1. But because of the kind of beat of these days I had to start editing.

Okorie also spoke about the live worship sessions she conducts on Instagram, which has not only come as a surprise to many but has also made them ask questions.

“A lot of people were surprised. And another thing is that a lot of people know me in real life. People who knew me in my acting days before I started singing know there is this video I usually do on my page every Sunday. So it’s part of me. It’s my life that I brought out in the open. It’s a way of trying to bring people together to worship God in this covid-19 pandemic.

“If I can go to clubs and pop champagne and spend money, buy cartons of drinks and all that why would I be shy to worship my maker, someone who has kept me alive for the second time? It’s a way of trying to make people believe that God is real. He is real no matter what it is. No matter the kind of songs that I do, or dancing. Whatever anyone does he needs to acknowledge God. So that is just the only reason I am doing the live worship sessions,” she maintained.

Asked about her near-death experience, when she was attacked by an assassin and her miraculous recovery, she said she has every reason to praise God or the second chance she was given and also because the experience was real and traumatic, though many doubted it.

“A lot of people doubted me. The same people twisted the story and sent it to Instablog. And Instablog posted it on its page, at the expense of my life. I was still at the hospital. That is the misconception. People would say that ‘they shoot you bullet your brain did not burst and scatter everywhere.’

“But at the same time one pellet can kill somebody. A policeman told me in my house that one of the same guns they used in shooting me is what they used in shooting one of his friends. And he is dead. It’s a second chance. It’s like I saw death flashed in my face. All of us, we saw death that day. But the only thing I kept saying was ‘God do I do all these things I do for you and you will let this happen to me?

“Because I have done many things for God people don’t know. I don’t come to social media to talk about that. I have won a lot of souls for God. Apart from my songs and lifestyle, what people see on social media is social media.

“They haven’t gotten close to me to know who Angela Okorie is. And they will never know until they get close. I have been given a second chance.. I have been worshipping God before. And I came back.

“So my worship is all about bringing souls together, bringing people together to know God. Because anything we are doing in this life, if we don’t acknowledge God I don’t think that thing is going to work.

“I have this thing in me. It’s a gift from God. When I pray for someone who is sick, the person gets healed. But before you get healed you must first of all have faith. And you will also put Angela that you see on social media aside. You have to now communicate with your maker, not that Angela that is doing the healing. Angela is not healing anybody. It’s God that is healing them. God is healing you through this person because of the gift.

On 3 February 2020, the public administration graduate from Lagos State University shared a video on Instagram in which she spoke about the unbearable pains she was feeling as a result of the pellets that were still in her body. “I can’t sleep without taking drugs,” she confessed, as taking drugs and injections had become part of her lifestyle.

“Let me tell you something. The reason I posted that video was for those that doubted whether the pellets penetrated. The pellets were removed locally via an unorthodox method. I still have some pellets in me as I speak to you. There are lots of pellets in my body but there are in the place where you can’t tamper with.

Intriguing? Wait for this. Okorie also spoke about another miraculous escape, how she almost lost her sight when the pellets missed her eyes narrowly.

“I wasn’t blinded. I wasn’t even seeing with my right eye. And I didn’t go for operation to correct the eye. I just woke up one morning and said ‘Why would one of my eyes be blurred like that?’ So I now went to God one morning and told him ‘I am not going to do an operation for this eye,’ that he is going to heal it. And I got healed. So I can see with the two eyes. This one is no longer blurry anymore, Okorie enthused.

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