FUTA Develops Dual Purpose Sanitizer

The Sanitizer

In its bid to sustain its contribution to the prevention of Corona virus (i.e. COVID-19) pandemic the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) through its Technology Park and Incubation Centre (Tech-PIC), has developed a unique Dual Purpose Sanitizer device for use in offices, markets and in general public places. The device was conceptualized and developed by four faculty members and two students.

The hand washing device is specifically developed to take care of the peculiar situation of our society in the case of,

(i)                 Erratic supply of electricity and power failure/outage

(ii)               Usage in places where there is no electricity supply

The device is made up of two compartments;

(a)    The mechanical part that enables users to make use of pedal systems to dispense soap, water and sanitizer.

(b)   In the automated part, the user does not need to interact with the device. The user places the hand close to the dispenser while the device dispenses soap, water .which runs for 20 seconds in accordance with the recommendation of the World Health Organization, WHO and sanitizer in succession at regulated times. A beep signal is heard each time the device is ready to dispense the liquid. The automation is made possible by the inbuilt sensor and other components.

In this dual purpose device, the user can switch from manual to automation as the case may require. The main feature of the device include the Sensor and other components, Soap outlet, Water outlet, Sanitizer outlet, Pedal for sanitizer, Pedal for water and Pedal for soap.

And because of  the fact that it is well established that the virus is mainly transmitted through contact, the University will produce a sizable number of the device  to be placed in strategic locations on the University campus in readiness for resumption of activities when the authorities give the go ahead. The team said one of the major advantages of the device is its ruggedness. They said the device can withstand repeated use without breaking down and can be deployed in high density settings like markets, churches, mosques, stadium etc. He said the device can easily be mass produced and the University is ready to partner with Government, industries and interested outfits in this regard.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Joseph Fuwape, described the device to be in tandem with the product development ethos of the University and urged Professor Sunday Oluyamo, Professor P.K Oke, Mr. J.B Dada and Dr R.K Apalowo,  Joseph Babatunde, a  PhD student and Olaoluwa Bolatito , a final student of the Department of Physics, that developed the device, to sustain the development of products that will be beneficial to the society and solve real life problems