Why Chinese medical team is still in Nigeria – CCECC

Why Chinese medical team is still in Nigeria – CCECC

Monday, May 18, 2020 10:48 pm

The Chinese doctors on arrival in Nigeria

Mr. Michael Yigao,  the Managing Director of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation has said 15 medical workers brought in from China to the country have not gone back because of closure of Nigeria’s  air space.

“Right now, commercial flight to China is not open, but when flights are open again, we’re considering the team going back to China. I think Nigeria is taking this very seriously and you can see it in the implementation of the lockdown and the suspension of international flights,” the CCECC managing director said at a press conference obviously organised in response to the controversies over continued presence of the medical team in Nigeria.

On the activities of the Chinese men since they arrived the country, Yigao, told journalists in Abuja on Monday that the team has had a telecast meeting with the Minister of Health and some doctors in Nigeria where they shared their experience on how Covid-19 was fought in China among others.

He added that though the meeting was very positive, the primary task of the Chinese medical team in Nigeria was to teach the staff of CCECC on how to protect themselves against Covid-19.

“They are here with us and have continued to teach our staff how to protect themselves because protection and prevention are more important than the treatment.

“Most of the workers understand the situation now and they know the risk, so they follow the proper procedures and cooperate with their instructors.  In a big country like Nigeria, it can be a bit difficult to control a pandemic because you will have to make all the people of such a large country understand that it is serious and real thing,” Yigao said.



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