How Tyson’s portrait took me to the US – German artist

Uni Kaya and Tyson in New York

By Nehru Odeh

His name sounds like a shortened form of the word, university, and he has the universe working in his favour. Yet when Uni Kaya, a German artist, was painting the portrait of  Mike Tyson, the legendary boxing champion staging a comeback to the ring, he never knew how he was going to present it to him. Tyson is based in the United States, while Kaya lives in Germany.

However, the painting has brought to the fore Tyson’s soft and humane side.  It has shown that the boxer who is legendary for knocking out opponents in the boxing ring is not just brawn and muscles after all, but has blood and human kindness flowing in his veins. No sooner than Kaya posted the painting in one of Tyson’s fans group than someone from his team reached out to him, asking for the painting, which made the artist travel to the United States to present the painting to Tyson. For Kaya, who had looked forward to meeting the boxing legend someday, it was a dream come true.

Kaya posted the photo he took with Tyson in the United States and told his story on Facebook on Wednesday, 13 May, 2020.

 He wrote:

 “Meeting Mike Tyson at the Tyson Ranch. I did this painting with the intention of personally delivering it to him because he has undergone a deep spiritual journey in the past two years. Just three days after I posted my vision of him someone from his team reached out to me asking about the painting. Three month later I flew from Germany to LA to gift it to him. We spoke about psychedelics and our journey through life and death. But he was also seriously interested in what I do and asked questions. It’s so exciting to see someone like him who was really troubled in his younger years transform into someone so humble and relaxed.”

The post has generated curiosity and interest on Facebook.  Asked what Tyson’s reactions were when he saw him, Kaya said:

 “Mike said to me: “You crazy man. You came all the way from Germany and you didn’t even know if you get to meet me! I told him that you can only win the game if you play it. Mike said that Alexander the Great said that you can achieve anything if you try.

“It’s always nice to hear what people see in my art. It is a pigeon because Mike breeds them since he was a young kid. The toad is the buff alvarius toad which has a secretion of 5meo-dmt. Mike did some ceremonies with it and had breakthrough from it. You find some interviews of him speaking about his toad experience on YouTube.”

Below are the comments of some Facebook users.

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Jess Cha That is amazing you are a wonderful person and soul.

Tarak Uday Uni Kaya That is DOPE! and so is your work! Where can we see more of it?

  Emmah Feenan A m a z i n g

Shujaat Saeed Great

Cynthia Youell Love it..!1

Danyelle Smith Cotten beautiful….he does seem to give off the most relaxed energy I’ve seen when he talks to people <3 I love it

Ojais Ojuro Well done work

Charisma Killebrew Harris Your vision and spirit made a very strong connection…. What a wonderful experience that must have been. Congratulations

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Jamie Shurick Amazing painting 😍

Susan Therese Grimes Well done…that is a deep piece

Xavier El dope

Bianca Celis Sold weed to him back when I worked at a dispensary. He is a genuine person that loves when fans treat him like a human being

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I always did …

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I know he must love that painting.

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Rachel Rassack Uni Kaya I’ll keep that in mind lol
It’s great work !!

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Tanja Keita Mohammed Respect and for ever blessing to you for this painting, i swear if I was a millionaire, i could send you $75000 USD just for painting my friend like this, be a God in Dreams and bless our eyes for ever

Tanja Keita Mohammed Uni Kaya blessing to you always my king

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Breanna Bowdish Kirsty McGlynn Kelly I believe its a Phoenix supposed to symbolize being reborn from the hardships if im not mistaken

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Coley Claire Most people are good deep down, some are just more troubled than others due to life experiences that can leave them feeling like lost souls, for some it will last for a while and others until their last breath, am glad he has found his calm. 😊✨

Coley Claire Great painting by the way

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Johanna Landt Uni Kaya ok thats said it all.

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I am really embracing my Native American heritage (I’m half Native). Anyways I have always felt a maternal thing for Mike and I’m so grateful he has found his way out by looking inward. Do you have more artwork available?

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