Wike: Rivers COVID-19 Task Force members recount ordeal at demolished hotel

Wike: Rivers COVID-19 Task Force members recount ordeal at demolished hotel

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 1:59 am

One of the injured Rivers State COVID-19 Task Force member at Famo Clinic,  Eleme on Monday (see more pictures below)

Claim PDP Youth Leader beat them up in the premises of Prodest Motel after the Hotel Manager invited him 
Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt
Some members of the Rivers State COVID-19 Task Force on Monday explained how the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,  Eleme chapter Youth Leader, Mr Princewill Osaroejiji allegedly led many thugs to inflict injuries on them at the premises of Prodest Hotel, Eleme.
Governor Nyesom Wike supervised the demolition of the hotel on Sunday for allegedly violating executive order banning operation of hotels in the State.
The Governor had come under fierce criticism from Nigerians  the action.
But in an obvious move to further justify the demolition of the hotel,  Simeon Nwakaudu Special Assistant to Governor Wike on Electronic Media late Monday evening released a statement in which some members of Rivers Covid -19 Task Force were quoted as saying that they were attacked at the facility. 
 According to the statement, the Task Force members who are hospitalized at Famo Clinic,  Eleme told journalists that contrary to the instruction of the Governor,  Prodest Motel was in full operation when they went there to enforce lockdown order of the State government on Saturday evening.
Speaking from his hospital bed, Friday Osaro Oloka, one of the Task Force members was quoted as saying said that when they got to Prodest Motel, a party was ongoing.
He said that they approached the hotel manager, who sought permission to call his proprietor. 
He said: “The manager called and the PDP Youth Leader came with some boys. They beat us severely. 
“The PDP Youth Leader asked us why we came to the hotel where he lodged. We told him we didn’t know that’s where he lodged. Despite that he and his boys beat us till 8pm.”
Another Task Force Member,  Samuel Ndu admitted that people were drinking and partying at the hotel when they got there.
He said: “The Manager asked us to wait. Thereafter,  several persons came with the PDP Youth Leader who beat us.
“We got Information that the hotel has been operating despite the order to close hotels etc.”
Appollos Orr, a Task Force member who sustained injuries said they went to check the hotel’s manifest and inquire why it was operational. 
He said: “We were observing the manifest when we started hearing shouts from outside.  Thereafter,  we saw Mr Princewill Osaroejiji and his thugs  who beat and injured us”.
Dr Emmanuel Ejembi of Famo Clinic said that the Task Force members were brought into the hotel with severe injuries.  He said that they said it was a case of assault. 
He said the Task Force members complained of Fracture on right knee, pains on their neck and stomach.  He pointed out that they are now safe.
Chairman of Eleme Local Government Area,  Philip Okparaji acknowledged that the Task-force members were beaten up at the Prodest Motel by the PDP Youth Leader .
He said the State Government issued the Executive Order on 4th May and the Eleme Local Government issued notices to all hotels on May 5th, 2020.
He said anyone who flouts Executive Orders knows that there will be consequences. 

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