Legend! Day Gani Fawehinmi signed his last will

Day Gani Fawehinmi, left, signing his will before Tayo Oyetibo, SAN

By Richard Akinnola

Finally, signing his Will before his lawyer, Tayo Oyetibo, SAN. Gani Fawehinmi was very finicky. He gave attention to the minutest details. After signing his last Will and testament, he had to destroy his previous Will by burning it. After burning it, Gani took a stick and scattered the ashes, still looking for any piece of paper that was not totally burnt.

Satisfied that it all went to ashes, he dispatched his trusted deputy, Adindu to go to the probate registry to deposit the new one, with a video camera in tow, who would film how it was deposited at the probate registry, showing the seal. 

 Before they left for the probate, he asked that Adindu must not enter the vehicle with any paper, lest he mistakenly left with a different document. 

After it was deposited at the probate registry, he had to watch the video to be doubly sure that his instruction was carried out to the letter.

That was Gani Fawehinmi for you. Fastidious with details and documentation.