Kogi PDP crisis: Why I went to the Supreme Court – Abubakar Ibrahim

Kogi PDP crisis: Why I went to the Supreme Court – Abubakar Ibrahim

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 8:42 am


Richard Elesho/ Lokoja

An aspirant to last year’s Kogi People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Governorship ticket, Alh. Abubakar Ibrahim has given reasons behind his decision to pursue his claimant suit to the Supreme Court. He spoke in a statement through his Media Office.

Abubakar who was reacting to calls for his suspension and that of his father former Governor Ibrahim Idris made by the state Deputy Publicity Secretary of the party, Mohammed Kebi said the call was misplaced. He said he remains loyal to the party, hence his desire to strengthen internal democracy within her through a diligent and lawful search for justice.

“It is disheartening to see Mohammed and his wayfarers crying ‘blue murder’ over Abubakar’s decision to tow the path of justice. His resolve to approach the highest Temple of justice in the country is born out of patriotism and the need to strengthen internal democracy in our great party.

“Abubakar has not deviated from the spirit of his commitment to the fact finding committee. He did not at any time undertake to discontinue to jettison his search for justice as erroneously slanted by the Deputy Publicity Secretary. The Supreme Court is the peak of a single process that commenced few months ago at the High Court. As a law abiding citizen, Abubakar shall not by any means abort the legal process. We advise those who think otherwise to perish the thought.

“In any case, Abubakar’s opponent, Engnr. Musa Wada is embroiled in a legal battle at the tribunal over how he and our great party were schemed out of the Nov.16th Governorship election. We are at a loss about how one constitute an offence and the other does not. What is food for the goose must be food for the gander. Applying the same parametres, it will amount to double standards of the highest order if what applies to one does not hold for the other. Abubakar shall not be cowed or intimidated by the threat of suspension or any threat for that matter, so far the interest of Justice is served at the end by his inquest.

“The failed effort to accuse Abubakar of ‘act of impunity’ is ridiculous. Those liable to this charge are the people who after derailing a Democratic process at the Confluence Stadium on 3rd September by subterfuge are now working round the clock to scuttle a legal process. All men of good conscience know that an underdog cannot show acts of impunity’.

“Kings are made in heaven. Former Governor Ibrahim is grateful for the opportunity to serve his State. He however ascribes his destiny and chances to God, the creator of heaven and Earth. No individual or group of persons should steal the glory or attempt to play GOD over his life. He remains a loyal member of his party, notwithstanding the sporadic attempts to tar him with the brush of anti-party by those scared of his profile.

“Abubakar appeals to his numerous supporters to disregard the sponsored media attacks and keep faith. Those who need worry are those whose antecedents may not be able to stand a date with the law.

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