Covid-19: Anambra Govt. arrests man with recent travel history to Lagos

Governor Obiano

Anambra Government on Thursday arrested Mr Vincent Chukwuma who tried to sneak into the state on foot through the Amansea end of the Enugu State-Anambra border.

Chukwuma, a truck driver and indigene of Anambra travelled from Lagos through Anambra to Enugu where he parked his truck on Wednesday night.

He was said to have boarded a commercial vehicle from Enugu to the border community from where he wanted to sneak himself into Anambra on foot.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that though the Anambra government has relaxed lockdown on movement within the state, all borders with her neighbouring states have remained closed.

Dr Christian Madubuko, the Commissioner for Transport who led the task force on enforcement of border closure on routine tour of the boarder, accosted the truck driver.

Madubuko told journalists that Chukwuma defied all inter-state boundary security checks from Lagos and was at the point of entering Anambra again from Enugu state when he was caught.

“I have notified the state commissioner for health about this man.

We will only release him if the commissioner for health examines him and certifies him free, else, we may have to quarantine him for 14 days,” he said.

The truck driver said he was on his way to give his mother some money before he was apprehended.

“I am a truck driver. I am from Anambra state. I am just coming into the state from Enugu to drop some money for my mother.

“I am not sick; besides, I was checked with non contact thermometer in most of the borders while I was coming from Lagos.

“I was also made to wash my hands with water and soap at all the borders while I was coming from Lagos,” he said.