AKETI and the Second Term Debate

AKETI and the Second Term Debate

Monday, April 27, 2020 6:47 pm



Tunde Imolehin

By Tunde Imolehin

First, let me greet all our Muslim brothers and sisters during this unusual Ramadan period. May Allah grant your prayers and supplications, Ameen. 

I also want to identify with our government and people of Nigeria at this very difficult period of a novel coronavirus pandemic. May we all be victorious over COVID-19, Amen. 

The Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, has shown great leadership – good enough to earn him respect and second term in office, if at all, because I have reliably gathered that he is not desperate to return. He believes that the people will return him if he so deserves.

Governor Akeredola of Ondo State

Although not a saint, Governor Akeredolu has shown that he can be trusted with power. In the South West region, he demonstrated extreme and uncommon courage through Amotekun. He is fearless, bold, blunt and decisive. Many people are not comfortable with blunt, undiplomatic leaders. I am aware that he is often referred to as a novice in politics because of this trait. 

Whereas this may appear like an endorsement (it can pass, really), I must not shy away from the truth. With what we have seen so far, Aketi ranks high amongst his peers, and in the history of Ondo State; he remains one of the best, if not the most focused. So why should we derail a good process? Why should we throw the baby with the bathwater? 

Akeredolu is not flawless. No, like every human; he is not. For instance, he could have overcome whatever forces that made the fragmentation of APC unavoidable. He could, also, as a politician and the leader of the party in the state, have played the RIGHT politics to make more friends than enemies. But when you look at the trajectory of service under his leadership since he assumed position as Governor in 2017, one cannot but pardon his seeming weakness in other areas. We are all human, anyway. For me, the “devil” I know is better than a saint that I do not know. 

Aketi is tested. He is visionary. He may have his shortcomings but I am convinced the Sunshine State will do better if we strongly encourage him to serve us more after his first tenure. 

As a party, we cannot afford to lose a performing and successful incumbent. He too, should reach out, mend fences. Politics is give and take but without compromising the integrity of the office he holds in trust for the people. This submission is made without prejudice.

-Tunde IMOLEHIN, an architect, environmentalist and development communication specialist was a member of APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) 2015 & 2019) and a chieftain of the party.. (www.tundeimolehin.com). +234 80 3285 8126 (WhatsApp). April 27, 2020.

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