Appeal Court sets up special panels to preside over time-bound cases

Justice M. B. Dongbam-Mensem, Acting President of the Court of Appeal

The Nigerian Court of Appeal has set up special panels with mandates to preside over time-bound matters during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a circular dated April 24, the Acting President of the Court of Appeal, Justice M. B. Dongbam-Mensem, provides for the various justices to preside in divisions.

“You are hereby empanelled to sit in the undermentioned divisions, for now, to hear and determine time-bound motions and appeals pending in the said divisions.

“The presiding justices shall oversee and communicate the date of sittings,’’ Dongbam-Mensem said.

According to the circular, the Lagos division panel includes Justice M.L. Garba, Justice J.O.K. Oyewole, Justice H. A. Abiru, Justice B. B. Aliyu, Justice A. Obaseki-Adejumo, Justice U.A. Ogakwu and Justice G.O. Kolawole.

The presiding justices for the Kaduna division are Justice I. M. M. Saulawa, Justice A. D. Yahaya, Justice S. T. Hussein, Justice M. I. Shuaibu, Justice A. M. Talba and Justice T. Y. Hassan.

The Ibadan division has Justice H. M. Ogunwumiju, Justice A. O. Belgore, Justice J. S. Ikyegh, Justice F. O. Akinbani T. Abubakar, Justice I. A. Adefope-Okojie, Justice N. Okoronkwo and Justice E. Tobi.

For the Enugu division, there are Justice I. I. Agube, Justice M. O. Bolaji-Yusuf, and Justice A. I. Andenyangtso are to preside, while justices for the Benin division are Justice U. I. Anyawu, Justice Oseji, Justice B. A. Georgewill, Justice F. E. Oho and Justice B. M. Ugo.

Justices for the Jos division are Justice A.G. Mshelia, Justice J. H. Sankey and Justice M. Oniyangi while Porthacourt division is to be presided by Justice R. C. Agbo, Justice A. O. Lokulo-Sodipe, Justice M. A. A. Adumein, Justice O. F. Ogbuinya, Justice I. Jombo-Ofo, and Justice O. O. Daniel-Kalio.

The Abuja Panel I has Justice A. Aboki, Justice E. Agim and Justice Y. Nimpar are to preside while for Abuja panel II, Justice J. O. Bada, Justice. H. S. Tsammani and Justice M. Mustapha will preside

Justice S.J. Adah, Justice R. M. Abdullahi and Justice A. S. Umar are to preside at the Abuja panel III while Abuja panel IV has Justice A. Jauro, Justice. M. A Danjuma and Justice B. G. Sanga.

Presiding justices for Abuja panel V are Justice M. B. Dongbam-Mensen, Justice U. Onyemenam, Justice A. A. Wambai, Justice J. G. Abundaga and Justice M. B. Idris

Presiding justices for Abuja panel VI are Justice H. Mukhtar, Justice T. Akomolafe-Wilson and Justice J. T. Tukur while those of Abuja panel VII are Justice P. O. Ige, Justice F. A. Ojo and Justice P. A. Mahmoud.

For the Calabar division, Justice N. A. Owoade, Justice P. M. Egpe, Justice P. O. Elechi, Justice I. G. Mbaba and Justice J. E. Ekanem are to preside while Owerri division will be presided by Justice C. E. Nwosu-Iheme, Justice R. N. Pemu and Justice O. A. Otisi.

Presiding Justices for the Sokoto division Justice A. A. B. Gumel, Justice A. M. Bayero and Justice A. M. Lamido while the Yola division will be presided over by Justice C.N. Uwa, Justice S.J. Abiriyi and Justice A.M. Bayero.

The Akure division is to be presided by Justice O. F. Omoleye, Justice T. N. Orji-Abadua and Justice I. S. Bdiya.