Covid-19: 23 clear facts to note as Nigeria crosses the 1, 000 case mark!

Steve Aborisade

The Covid-19 statistics


1. Our skin colour proved not to be an insulator to the virus

2. Covid-19 is not a big man’s disease

3. Covid-19 is as well fertile in temperate and hot climates

4. There is no known cure for the pandemic

5. Community infection has set in with traction 

6. Nigeria has successfully managed and discharged a total of 210 patients, we can do more

7. Our mortality count stood at 33, a big plus

8. From a meager 42 cases a month ago, we have now crossed the 1000 mark with 1,095 cases confirmed – this is where we should worry 

9. Total tests conducted remains unknown – one of the minuses of our intervention

10. Lockdown came into active effect – but we may not have maximized its gains

11. Miracle healing seized completely in Nigeria for a month! Hallelujah. 

12. Serious clamour for lifting of restrictions on movement – clearest indication of failures of successive governments in Nigeria to lift the people out of extreme poverty

13. Billions are said to have been given to poor households – consistent with our outlook on corruption 

14. Nose masks also became a fashion statement to show ‘I better pass my neighbour’ – an indication of how we take this with levity 

16. Some Nigerians are yet to believe Covid-19 is real – ignorance remains a key challenge 

17. Carrots, amala and ewedu, black seed etc came to be know as ‘effective’ Covid-19 therapies 

18. 5G has no connection with Covid 19

19. Security forces may have killed as much as Covid-19 in same period 

20. A section of the Nigerian Police showed us how humane they can be

21. We have a chance to moderate the impact of Covid-19 if we act and, play our part now to halt new infections. 

22: Social distancing works, wearing nose mask in public places where we cannot maintain enough social distance may limit our chances of getting infected, constant hand washing with soap and water is advised, while we should not touch our faces with dirty hands.

23. We need to pray to God to help us.