Celestial Church of Christ, USA, wades into members’ conflict

Celestial Church of Christ, USA, wades into members’ conflict

Saturday, April 18, 2020 12:08 am


File photo: A Celestial Church of Christ worship session


There is a shouting match between  Ayo Eniola, on the one hand, and Mr Ebenezer Fowobaje (and  Mrs Oluwabunmi Rachel Omole), on the other. They are members of the Celestial Church of Christ in the United States. They are locked in accusations and counter accusations.

The first salvo was fired by Ayo Eniola, a Celestial Church of Christ prophet, who cried out that Mr Ebenezer Fowobaje of Dallas, Texas, USA and Mrs Oluwabunmi Rachel Omole (alias Mrs Terry) of Minnesota, USA, are not his children.” He even alleged that with these people, his life was not safe!

It was earlier published on this platform, entitled “Cleric disclaims children over misconduct,” on Saturday, 21 March, 2020. 

Eniola added that neither do the man and woman have any connection with him whatsoever or Ayo Eniola Estate, Gbagada, Lagos State in Nigeria or any of his properties in Nigeria.  

According to Eniola: “ Mr Fowobaje has been going about introducing himself to people that he is my step-son, showing them pictures he took with me upon my recent arrival in the USA for missionary works. I met him within the fold of the Celestial Church of Christ (USA). He basically helped to run personal errands for me upon my arrival in the US, thus having access to my sensitive documents. But I had to part ways with him when I had of his evil ploys to claim that he is my son. Mrs Bunmi Omole who is his girlfriend is his alleged accomplice.”

However, Mr Fowobaje has come out with his own defense. He presented an Investigation report by “Celestial Church of Christ USA Diocese. It is entitled, “Defamation of Character of Celestial Church Members in the USA Diocese.” 

It was addressed to Ven. Sup. Evang Joseph Olorunnisola, Head of Diocese (HOD), with copies sent to, Regional Heads, State Supervisors, Shepherds, Parishioners. The report presented by Fowobaje contains testimonies from many members implying that Eniola is not the man he claims to be and that his allegations are a tissue of lies.

 According to the report, Sup Evang. Henry Fakunle stated that Eniola came to his church and he left after spending a couple of weeks. Worse still, the church alleged that Eniola was advised to settle an account bordering on finances with Fowobaje but instead of doing that, “he started defaming all the parties involved.” They added that there was no plan at all to kill him.

Another member of the church, Evang Adeolu Akinsuyi of Minnesota, indicated that Ayo Eniola was in his Church briefly and “made several unfounded allegations and left without advance, notice leaving a note behind.”  Henry Olukotun, another member said he had been working long before he came to the USA. Thus, he accommodated Eniola in his house and he allegedly set his house on fire, “insisting that they must sanctify their house the first day as a visitor.”  He further alleged that the man was causing disaffection between him and his wife. Moreover, they received a call from their parents who is a relative of Ayo Eniola that they should not allow him to stay with them. With these and other forms of behavior, Olukotun reportedly ejected Eniola.

Another member, Prophet Ife Obayangban  who is the Shepherd of Miracle and Peace Parish of God, was quoted in the report that Prophet Ayo Eniola was in his church for three months and was assisting in the church until he left without notice, “there was no incident in the Church… “

In section five, Prophetess Racheal Olubunmi Omole, a member of Evang. Adeolu Akinsuyi Church in Minnesota stated that there was no time she told prophet Ayo Eniola that anybody wanted to assassinate or poison him. She said Ayo Eniola had dropped a note and left the house. She believed the man left the house out of fear that she might call the police or report some of his misconducts.

“She called Ayo Eniola who claimed that Evang Akinsuyi snatched his wife. He didn’t have any wife.” She wondered why the man would behave like that.

With these missiles flying from the camps of these warring parties, critics hope that the church would do more for peace to reign in order not to impede its evangelistic and soul winning mission in North America.

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