COVID-19: Police advise Offa communities to respect stay-at-home order


The police in Kwara have advised inhabitants of Offa communities to adhere to the state government’s stay-at-home order to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Dsp. Ajayi Okasanmi, Police Public Relations Officer of the state command gave the advice in a statement on Wednesday.

Okasanmi said that in accordance with the total lockdown order of Offa communities by the state government, “all vehicles, motorcycles – both private and commercial -are to stay off the roads in the affected areas.”

He said that markets, eateries, and banks “are to remain shut from 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8, 2020”, as part of concerted efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

“People of Offa communities are not to be seen on the streets and are, therefore, advised to stay at home as sufficient number of police personnel and other security agencies has been deployed to ensure strict compliance with the order until relaxed by the state government

“Deriving from the two COVID-19 cases reported in the state and in an effort to stem its spread, the state government has ordered a total lockdown of Offa communities by 6 p.m. of Wednesday 8th April, 2020

“The warning by the police was handed down a few hours after the state deputy governor, Mr Kayode Alabi announced the total lockdown of Offa communities as part of moves by the government to check the spread of COVID-19 in the state,” said the PPRO.