Why lockdown in Delta went haywire!

Burundi Protesters in April 2015

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With each state taking proactive and protective steps against coronavirus, Delta also followed suit by imposing lockdown on the citizens. The only trouble is, Delta’s went haywire. Here is how:

An army officer reportedly killed a young man for allegedly driving on the road instead of staying at home. According to thenewsguru report, the incident, which occurred at Ugbuwangue in Warri South Local Government Area of the State, resulted to a violent protest, “leading to random attacks on army officers and the destruction of properties.”

According to an eyewitness, who revealed the name of the victim as Joseph Pessu, the victim “was on his way to his sick father’s house to take him to the hospital before he met his waterloo.” The eyewitness narrated that haste did not allow Joseph “to stop when he was flagged down by some army officers, who were on patrol along the NPA expressway. An army officer in the patrol team then shot at one of the tires of the car Joseph was in.”

“One of his tyres was first blast by one of the army officers. He quickly parked in a nearby street off the NPA Expressway to explain why he refused to be flagged down but the temper of one of the soldiers couldn’t make him wait for any explanations. He was then shot at close range by the trigger-happy army officer who refused to listen to any explanation.

“Everybody around the murdered Joseph said good things about him. He had no history of criminality or violence. So sad that it wasn’t the Coronavirus that cut short this young life but a bullet from those who are enforcing the lockdown against the invisible virus,” the eyewitness said.

The report has it further: “When an army officer at the Effurun Barracks of the Nigerian Army was contacted, he simply said, ‘I am not in the position to talk about this. The issue filtered in, but I cannot ascertain the veracity of it.’”

Also, the Commissioner of Police in the State, Mr. Mohammed Inuwa Hafiz did not take his calls when contacted, and at the time of filing in this report, no words have been received from him.

However, according to the report,a reliable source said that the army officer responsible for the killing of Joseph “has been apprehended and that the matter is being investigated to unravel what really happened.”