Explosions: South-West under attack, says Gani Adams

Gani Adams


Aare Ona Kakanfo, Gani Adams, has called on the Federal Government to launch a probe into the recent explosion in Eleyowo area of Akure,Ondo state and other recent ones in the Southwest part of the country.

According to the Yoruba leader, the recent three blast which occurred in three States in South-West are beyond ordinary blasts, contrary to the claim of government.

Adams who made the appeal in a statement he issued on Sunday while reacting to the latest blast in Akure, Ondo State Capital, which, according to him, was not an ordinary blast, but a suspected  bomb blast, which must be duly investigated.

He said, “it’s unfortunate that such incidences are coming at this trying period of coronavirus across the globe, emphasising that, investigation at his disposal has it that, those behind the bomb blasts are now targeting other South-West States, hence the need for all Governors and indigenes to be at alert.

“We are not convinced that, all these are ordinary blast, but a bomb and therefore it is important and necessary for government to carry out proactive investigation on these incidents which occurred in spate of three weeks in Lagos, Ekiti and Ondo States”, Adams declared.

Adams, while buttressing his claim with the Lagos blast, said from records, a pipeline fire is expected to burn houses, and not uprooting houses from foundation as it occurred in Lagos, adding that, in view of that, it was beyond pipeline burst, but bomb blast.

He also posited that, the Ekiti incident was of same pattern, which should not be attributed to ordinary blast, stressing that the incidences are becoming rampant in South-West, and therefore, the government should not fold its arm, before the situation gets out of hand.

“I was at the Lagos incident, and I am not convince that, it’s not ordinary pipeline fire. From history if there is pipeline incident, fire will only consume building,destroy properties and not pulling down buildings to it’s foundation. Also on the Ondo State incident, we are not convince of the commissioner of police submission.

“South-West Governors should be vigilant. Information at our disposal has it that, other South-West are the next target. Federal government should diligently investigate the incidences,”, Adams declared.