Coronavirus: Experts predict more babies for  2021

Coronavirus: Experts predict more babies for  2021

Monday, March 30, 2020 4:04 pm

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It is not only in the third world that couples will put more strain on world population as a result of the lock down caused by coronavirus. Britain also faces a baby boom because of quarantined couples seeking solace and distraction through intimacy, as relationship experts predicted a surge in births early in 2021, has reported.

It comes after a temporary shutdown at one of the world’s biggest condom producers. Karex Berhad, a Malaysian company that makes 20 per cent of all condoms, was, according to the report, given permission at the end of last week to resume production at its factories but half its workforce must remain at home.

Dr Sheri Jacobson, clinical director at Harley Therapy, a psychotherapy clinic in London, said there was a “strong possibility” of a baby boom.

“For one, there will be more contact and opportunity,” Dr Jacobson said. “Lack of sex is a common problem between overworked couples, and remote working often
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