Covid-19: Buhari better than Trump in how to shut up



…Now Trump has created panic in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

By Ena Ofugara

President Donald Trump announced he was going to quarantine the whole of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, practically threatening to quarantine a population greater than many countries. And a population with many helicopters and water routes. And even if it were possible,  this is something that needs to be a secret before it is carried out.

Ena Ofugara

Now there is migration from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. People are now running instead of bunkering and or staying home. He has created an unnecessary and inimical panic never before heard of. He just spread the virus by sending out this population as many are vectors.

The funny thing is he would need the army to be ready to kill Americans AND BE KILLED BY AMERICANS (The populace are armed and will kill to escape, if it came down to it) to carry out such an order. He thinks this is some third world country or China.  People will die if a quarantine of New York and New Jersey happens.

Trump handlers and everyone who cares about America are wondering how much more damage this man and his flippant mouth and twitching twitter fingers will finally do.

President Muhammadu Buhari

At least,  President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria will know to SHUT UP.