Maharaj ji: How to get cure for COVID-19

Sat guru Maharaj

Satguru Maharaj ji on Saturday urged Nigerians to look inwards toward finding cure for the pandemic Coronavirus.

In a statement, “the perfect living master” attributed the ravaging pandemic to “consumption of animals that are not fit for human consumption and various lifestyles that does not glorify God brought about the plague.

“The seven elements of the world are angry, a lot of sins are committed daily with impunity.

“We need to look inward on how to tackle the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria because it is morally wrong for us to depend on countries the virus originated from for assistance.

“Again some people added millipede, cockroach, scorpion and all kinds of insects bats, frog and even human flesh to their menu list, its becoming scary.

“Advocacy for gay marriage, transgender man and animal canal relationship, prostitution and women roaming the street half naked, we need to turn.

“All that needs to be done is to encourage and empower Nigerians to get enough garlic, ginger and pepper, grind them together boil and filter for all to take a shot in the morning afternoon and night,” he said.

Guru Maharaji also said that “the inability  of Christianity and Islam to save the world from the grips of the ravaging Coronavirus had exposed how helpless they are,” he said.)