Covid-19 Lockdown: Ex-lawmaker slams Wike over lack of ‘palliatives’ for residents

Governor Nyesom Wike and Service Commander monitoring compliance of closure of Markets

…Imitate Lagos and Delta States for their planning for citizens before and during lockdown–Ex- lawmaker
... My decision to close markets is to save lives first, palliatives will come later … FG gave Lagos N10bn, Governor Wike replies
Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt
Former lawmaker representing Port Harcourt Constituency 1 in the Rivers State House of Assembly Victoria Nyeche, has berated Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike, for shutting down markets in the state without making adequate arrangements in terms of palliatives for residents
Victoria Nyeche who spoke to journalists after donating gift items to 250 orphans and widows in  her former constituency lamented that palliatives ought to have been provided by the Rivers State Government before the closure of the markets.
She therefore urged Governor Wike to emulate states like Lagos and Delta state that provided succour for vulnerable residents in their states to cushion the effect of the pandemic.
“I don’t think they have done enough by shutting down markets with just one day notice, shutting down market has had enough economic impact,” the former lawmker said
She also noted that unlike the situation in Rivers, Lagos and  Delta state governments that gave its citizens a long period for them to do their shopping.


‘Apart from shutting down the markets, there is a need for us to think of palliatives measures, such as provision of food and money,  because when you shut down the markets and people are asked to stay at home, we will not just be talking about the virus, we will be talking of the hunger which even kills more than the virus” she added while calling for holistic approach to containing the virus.
According to her, more persons will likely contract the virus in the state, except the government intensified sanitization and provision of improved healthcare for residents.
The former lawmaker also asked corporate organizations to join hands with the government in provision of social amenities to residents, while urging residents of the state to remain calm, shun all traces of fear and apprehension while maintaining a healthy hygiene and believe in God.
Meanwhile, in  Governor Nyesom Wike I’m apparent response to criticisms to the closure of Markets without palliatives, he said: “What we are doing is to protect the lives of our people. Some people may talk about the inconvenience, but you must be alive to talk about food.
“This is the time everyone must make sacrifices . This disease affects the entire population. Whatever measures we bring out is to curtail the spread of this deadly virus.
Governor Wike said that his administration is taking very tough measures because Port Harcourt is a hub that attracts people from across the globe.
He said: “Port Harcourt is a hub where you have the oil companies and the rest of them. We have two seaports. It is a place where people like to come and do business.
“We think that the measures that we have put in place have checkmated the spread of the virus.
“While we pray to God for his intervention, we will continue to do our best to protect our people. “
The Rivers State Governor stated that the State Government will consider palliatives in the next phase of intervention, noting that the focus for now is to check the spread.
“When you talk of palliatives, you are aware that the Federal Government gave Lagos State N10 billion as support. And so many people in Lagos have also made various donations.”

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