COVID-19: How Nigeria can escape New-York like tragedy- Surgeon

Dr Otabor

An Abuja based medical practitioner, Dr Christopher Otabor, has warned that locking down Nigeria for two weeks is a necessary and immediate step that must be taken to stop the already rising cases of Covid-19 in the country from ballooning out of control.

Otabor, a Surgeon and founder of Alliance Group of Hospitals in Abuja said Nigeria must learn from the example of New York where the number of confirmed cases of the virus increased from one to 52, 000 within a month because of inaction.

He warned that Nigeria may experience a worse scenario if the virus is allowed to jump into communities across the country.

“The first positive case in New York was detected on 27th February. In exactly one month, they have surpassed 52,000 cases.

“I just listened to Mr Cuomo, the governor of New York on the state of the pandemic in New York.

“The most striking thing he said for me is that from day one, they were always one step behind the virus. They wait to see what the virus will do before they take an action but it would be late by then.

“Why can’t we learn simple lessons from others? Currently in Nigeria, the virus is found within the elite community who traveled, got it and came back with it. If the elites are the only class of people in Nigeria, I would not be worried.

“If we don’t lockdown the country now, by the time the cooks, drivers and other domestic staff of the elites start manifesting the disease and transferring to their illiterate families and neighbourhoods in the urban slums, then we are out of control.

“Some will manage their own COVID-19 infections at home, at the herbalist place, in churches or alfa ‘s places. Imagine when local people start handling their own dead victims of COVID-19. It’s a people that are alive that will bother about economy,” said Otabor.

He therefore recommended a two week lockdown to enable the country stop the spread of the virus before it go out of control.

“Besides, the lockdown recommended is for two weeks with palliative from government for the poor and vulnerable people. I pray we don’t regret our inaction today by tomorrow. A stitch in time saves 9 other stitches,” Otabor said.