Why President Trump is Now a Target of Jokes in Nigeria


US President Donald Trump

When he came in as President of the United States, matching the ground like a freshly minted panjandrum, the world knew a man of theatrics had entered the White House. First, he started to personally send tweets, even on sensitive matters which made security experts in his country jittery. Then he took on the media, waving them off as peddlers of fake news.

Now this! Not a few Nigerians thought Trump actually recommended Chloroquine for Coronavirus treatment. For this, Nigerians now call him Doctor Trump! However, Adegbenro Adebanjo reminded Nigerians that since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) counters Trump, “the drug is in a controlled trial to find out whether or not it works, and if so, what dose would be safe and effective.”

Steve Aborisade said: “There should be caution in amplifying media reports on Covid-19 that bothers on the therapeutic. That the US reportedly says, as is being shared of Chloroquine does not mean if you self administer it, it will work. Assuming this is correct, what dosage will one take? What interval and for how long? Anything that does not come from designated officials on this Covid-19 regarding treatment must be disregarded. Don’t just swallow news items hook, line and sinker.”

Temitope Ajayi also wondered why Trump “will not allow professionals do their job and he keeps talking nonsense. Everything he has said on this Coronavirus has created more confusion and heightened despair.”

Odolaye Ba Waki Aremu submitted: “I will be the last one to appeal to a Quasimodo to maintain an erect posture. Go ahead and start loading up on Chloroquine ṣ’ogbọ́! Since Doctor Tiamiyu (Trump) said it! Go ahead and have a sumptuous feast on Chloroquine! (Don’t tell them not to ó! Perhaps God shall use Tiamiyu to help decimate the blooming population of the hopelessly foolish in this country, maybe our long-sought peace shall eventually find us!)

Wọ́n kii ṣìpẹ̀ nàró f’ábuké! (You don’t beg a hunchback to stand erect). Covid-19 shall kill a few. Foolishness shall kill aplenty! Àwọn wèrè!

Jekwu Ozoemene put his this way: “The way these Americans are celebrating Chloroquine, it’s like they don’t know this medicine. Until Trump presses the nuclear button because of a three-day persistent mad itch all over his body plus deep inside his anus.”