COVID-19: Chloroquine drug to undergo clinical trial – Lagos Govt

Prof. Akin Abayomi addressing journalists on Friday

Frowns at Hike, Hoarding of Domestic Supplies

The Lagos State Government will conduct a clinical trial on the effectiveness of Chloroquine in the prevention or management of COVID-19 infection, the Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi has said.

Abayomi disclosed this today while giving updates on the Coronavirus, noting that that the clinical trial is planned in view of the fast-spreading information that chloroquine could be effective in preventing and managing COVID19.

The Commissioner, however, said that the drug has not been ascertained as an effective treatment of Coronavirus disease, adding that the State is still watching the global research space to clearly define the efficiency of the drug in the control of the disease.

“We do not have any hard evidence that chloroquine is effective in preventing or managing COVID19. We are watching the global research space to clearly define its efficiency in COVID19”, he said.

Noting that chloroquine has significant side effects, Abayomi warned that it should not be used without medical supervision, as it may cause more harm than good.

He advised citizens to seek the advice of a Physician and await the directive of the Ministry of Health on the use of chloroquine.

While urging the public not to panic and adhere to instructions of the government, Prof. Abayomi gave assurance about the administration’s commitment to fighting the spread of the virus.

Abayomi appealed to citizens not to take advantage of the present situation on COVID19 to hike or hoard domestic consumables and enrich themselves, imploring members of the public to continue to be their brother’s keeper and join hands with the government to curtail the pandemic.

“It is condemnable to use this situation to enrich yourselves by hoarding or hiking the prices of domestic consumables for profiteering. We should be responsible citizens in the quest to make Lagos disease-free”, he said.