Coronavirus: Italian military trucks line up to transport corpses for cremation

Coronavirus: Italian military trucks line up to transport corpses for cremation

Friday, March 20, 2020 12:29 pm

Italian soldiers, some of them wearing face masks, gather next to some of their trucks in Bergamo yesterday where local crematorium staff have been handling 24 bodies a day. Daily Mail


Italy, one of the two Coronavirus worst hit countries in the world is cramating its dead in hundreds. Cremation is a culture alien to Nigerians, but among Italians and Indians, it is not. What, however, makes the case of Italy grim now is the rate at which people are dying of the Coronavirus pandemic and they are ferried into the cramatorium.

According to a Daily Mail report, Coronavirus patients have been filmed laid out on hospital beds along the corridors of an Italian hospital in a chilling clip, “while military trucks have been deployed to transport scores of victims’ coffins to be cremated.”

Footage from one overcrowded Bergamo hospital, as the online newspapet puts it, showed patients lying on hospital beds which were lining the corridor of an intensive care unit.
“It came as Italy recorded a record 4,207 infections and 475 new deaths from the virus yesterday, squashing hopes that the unprecedented national lockdown was beginning to slow the spread of the pathogen. The crisis is underlining how health services in northern Italy have been overwhelmed by the pandemic, with doctors describing hospitals in crisis and many medics working from makeshift tents. The governor of Lombardy, the worst-affected region which includes Bergamo, said doctors and nurses in the region’s hospitals were at their limits.”

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