Coronavirus: Its 9 Lesons and the End of Reason

File: Fighting Coronavirus

By Adewale Adeoye

Coronavirus should teach us the following lessons as humans, being the most creative and yet the most destructive beings:

1)      All over history, mankind has consistently waged a war of conquest of nature and of him/herself. Man created the electric bulb, the aero plane, marine, cars, textiles, computers etc. Yet, all human creation are fashioned after what God had already created. The bulbs were fashioned after stars, the aero plane after the mechanism of flying birds, marine after whales, cars after shapes of animals, textiles after butterflies and computers after the brain of man.

2)      These past weeks, I have come to realize further that, inspite of bravado and boasts,  the knowledge of man is little compared with the infinite nature of matter. When Dalton said Atom was the smallest indivisible particle, we believed him. JJ Thompson came and said Atom could be divided, into proton and neutron. Later, other scientists came and said matter is infinite. Coronavirus has confirmed the infinite nature of matter. It shows we know very little about the world we live. It shows we have not even discovered the world by ten percent.


3)      Man is arrogant and destructive, but can be subdued and humbled by invisible tiny organisms. Nations have been building atomic bombs for nothing but to destroy fellow humans. China, US, France, Russia, UK have weapons that can destroy the whole world, claiming those weapons are deterrent. These countries have the largest military arsenals, all by man against fellow humans. The US plans to build walls against aliens. The world introduced stringent visas for travellers from poor countries. But a tiny organism came and redefined the policies of nations.

4)      Rich countries stop poor countries from coming to their territories for economic gains. Today, the reverse is the case. The twist of irony came in days, not weeks, not months, not years.   The strength of powerful countries have come to nothing.

5)      Suddenly, some soldiers, whose origin remains unknown; numbering some millions invaded China, a member of the Security Council and started to bring down her population, one by one. It attacked Italy, attack UK, attacked the US, Germany, France, Russia, all the so called great nations. No one could see the soldiers, so tiny that one needed to see through another object.

6)      It attacked military installations, attacked defense chiefs of great countries, picked them right in their bedrooms, arrested them, picked Presidents of powerful nations,  they could not resist. The viruses brought down nations, shut down offices, chased away Prime Ministers and Presidents of great and poor nations alike. Suddenly poor countries are now the ones banning developed nations from coming to their territories. What an irony. Italians in Ethiopia refused to go back to Italy for fear of Corona. Friends from Europe used to come to Africa with  their local friends chasing them, today, the local friends are hiding from them.

7)      Powerful nations have become incompetent and helpless. The invincible soldiers are visiting countries without requesting for visas. We are being kept indoors by attackers we cannot see but who have the capacity to enter the aero plane without tickets and who can live for days without food, yet have neither bullets not fighter planes.

8)      These developments should teach us that man is an extremely weak animal, the knowledge of man is so small compared with the inexhaustible potentials of nature and the supreme knowledge of a super creation. It has  shown that there is a greater but unknown being superior to all of us, superior to all nations who lay claim to military grandeur and might. It shows clearly than the world is a tiny egg in the hand of an unknown but mighty mystery. The world will eventually win the war against coronavirus, but I hope we should all drawn lessons from the on-going bitter experience that the world is not afterall in our hands, but we hold it on lease, that the world is owned by forces beyond man, a force as invincible as the ravaging coronavirus, a force capable of taking the same world away from us and crush any resistance we may offer.

9)      Let me add that Coronavirus has proved that  the world share a lot of things in common, either you are white or black, Zulu, Yoruba, English or Indian. Suddenly, Iran, US, Afghanistan, Russia and North Korea now have a common enemy they must all unite to fight as one. We all have a common challenge to make the world a better place to live.

-Adewale Adeoye, a journalist, posted this on FB