Archival photo: Benjamin Adekunle executes own soldier

Archival photo: Benjamin Adekunle executes own soldier

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 11:06 pm

Lt.Macaulay Lamurde: Executed

Lt. Macaulay Lamurde was tried and executed on 13 September 1968 by Colonel Benjamin Adekunle for the murder of a young Igbo civilian. 

The 23-year old Lamurde and his platoon had seized a young Igbo boy who was hiding in the bush. When questioned, the prisoner, wearing only shorts, denied that he was a Biafran soldier; he was looking for his parents. 

Lamurde shot the bound prisoner three times. Dying in war is too common to make this death seem extraordinary, except for one thing: a British television team had filmed the murder. Source: Zeit.De

-Posted by Uyi Obaseki in FB’s Nigerian Nostaguc Project 1960-1080


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